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Mugler Cologne discontinued?

I read this in a couple reviews of Mugler Cologne either on Basenotes or Fragrantica. Not much said about it, just that it has been discontinued. Since I can't find any other info about this on the web, I am dubious, to say the least. And thankfully so, as MC is one of my summer favourites. It just doesn't make sense, as I believe it is the only Thierry Mugler fragrance marketed exclusively to men, and it seemingly does quite well sales-wise. But us fans of Pure Malt and Pure Havane know all too well that Mugler isn't always driven by the bottom line. Strange business practices. Anyone here have any info on this?
I hope this is not true! Mugler A*Men is a Thierry Mugler product, is it not?? I think it smells like garbage and I would be very sad if MC would be discontinued as I only have a 4 ml decant of it and am leaning heavily towards buying a full bottle!
...as I believe it is the only Thierry Mugler fragrance marketed exclusively to men, and it seemingly does quite well sales-wise.

I thought it is specifically marketed as unisex? Either way, I have not heard that it was being discontinued (but that does not mean anything....I do not know a lot of things).

On another note, Pure Havane is being re-released. I have not smelled it, but seems to be a popular one.
Ooops, that's right, it is A*Men that's their only men-only fragrance; Cologne is uni (strange given the name). Anyway, it hasn't been in stock for a while at both Fragrancenet and FragranceX, which makes me wonder. And its availability on Amazon is relatively limited, however, there is a 10oz (!!!) bottle available there for something like $60.

I'd like to stop in at my local mall and inquire about this in the fragrance department, but I don't go to the mall, even for the last bottle of MC on earth. Perhaps one of you well adjusted gents who don't mind the mall could ask about it next time you're there?

EDIT: Since I heard this news/rumor I've been stocking up on decants of it every time I place an order, if it is offered. It is usually no more than $1/ml in small quantities (1-10ml) and significantly less for larger amounts. I just scored 30ml for $18 from Dullah at Crystal Flacon. So far I have 60ml socked away and have another 20ml coming from two more decant orders. Why not just buy a bottle, you ask? I'm one of those highly irrational people who find it easier to spend the same amount (or more) of money spread out over time and space, rather than all at once.
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God I hope this doesn't come to fruition. It's the only Mugler scent I like (I've not tried the Pure line) and it's the only Mugler I've tried that doesn't smell like a sixteen-year-old kid*.

*loudly and obnoxiously trying to get attention by any means necessary, essentially pi*sing off everyone around them, who think "I hope I was never like that."
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