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Moving Blades

In order to avoid losing track of how often a blade has been used I have started only using one at a time. Meaning I move the blade from one razor to another depending on which one I am going to use that day. In doing this I have noticed that the blades do not seem to be lasting as long. I used to gat one week out of a blade (six shaves). Now if I do not change after four the blade really seems to pull and just give an uncomfortable shave. I realize it is not that big of a deal but I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on why this may be occurring. Is it that each razor wears on the blade differently due to slightly different angles?

Does anyone else move the blade from razor to razor?

Has anyone else experienced this type of premature wear?
I've settled on using the same razor until my blade is dull. Not only does it keep the confusion to a minimum, my technique is better.
This issue of "razor fidelity" has been posted on several times recently--for me, there is something to it. I tend to get my best shaves when i stick to one razor for a while.
With The Grain said:

this reminds how i wasted a new ten pack+ of feathers by deciding to load up a ton of different razors, lost track within 2 weeks and threw out all the blades out of frustration lol.

I had the same experience with a pack of Derby blades. That's why I started switching the blade to different razors.:blushing:
This is exactly why I started sticking with the same razor/blade combo till it was blade switch time.
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