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Mose Allison R.I.P.

We lost another great one.

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Another loss. I guess I had sort of forgotten that Mose was still around, it doesn't seem like he has been very active for fifteen years or more but he must have been quite old.
Another giant, although underrated and even forgotten by many, including me. Truly a bluesman and a truly a jazzman, both, which is truly rare. Played with top jazz folks. Cited as a major influence by major respected rock performers across a wide spectrum. Fabulous songwriter. Everything from "Parchman Farm" to "Youngman's Blues" to "I'm Not Talking" to "Everybody Crying Mercy." English blues bands in need of material in particular seem to have simply turned to his albums.

89 years old. He saw an awful lot in those many decades and by all accounts was a deep and thoughtful guy. A musician's musician.

Everybody's crying mercy, they don't know the meaning of the word
Well damn. I was a close friend of his son-in-law, the musician Charlie Jacobs, who sadly died of a heroin overdose many years ago. Guess I'll put some Mose on the box today.
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