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Morris & Forndran Members Group Buy Delivery Thread


Now half as wise
Gentlemen, it seems as if the long awaited day is near.

:badger: :clap: :badger: :clap: :badger:
In fact, some of us have already opened the expected parcel, and the rest of can barely wait!
This thread is your chance to show off your new brushes. But I don't want to see just any old picture!:nono: :sleep12: This is your chance to show your creative side. :idea: Let's see that first shave,:straight: or some great lather, or a shot of your brush at the edge of the Grand Canyon, or on top of the Empire State Building:thumbup:.
:a50: :a50: :a50:

Now for the fun part! Anyone who also posts their picture in the SOTD Forum will be eligible for the Grand Prize. The Steward Team is going to pick the top 5 shots, and then a random winner will receive their choice of shaving soap from one of B&B's Hobbiest/Vendor artisan soapmakers.

So let's start seeing those pictures.
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M&F Chief + Eshu + C.V. Heljestrand Kindal + Ted Pella + Aqua Velva

Not a unique picture but definitely a unique shave, not many people will have this brush and not many people will have this razor either, they are both top notch IMO.

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From Utah! Beautiful brush. Thank you again, Chief B for taking so much time to arrange for the group buy and designing the perfect Chief Broom Special.


My brush arrived this afternoon! I'm on the West Coast so go figure. It's more beautiful than I had anticipated. Will try to post some photos soon. :thumbup:

First impressions after shave #1 = LATHER MACHINE! I had to cut down on my normal loading time cuz this thing was picking so much soap off the puck. The brush is VERY soft with no scritch at all, and has the perfect amount of backbone. The "Chief" has great flow through and is definitely NOT a lather hog by any means. I really could not be happier with this brush. Fit/finish & and functionality are 10 out of 10.
It's here! I'm doing man stuff out in the garage today - no time to take a polished, museum worthy picture with a DSLR:

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Look what I found in my mailbox today!!!! Beautiful brush. The handle is gorgeous! Can't wait to use it tomorrow!

Thanks Chief for organizing this!


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