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Mixing a creamy pomade together with a heavy clay?

Hey guys, have anyone here tried to mix a more creamy, firm and slick pomade together with a matte strong heavy clay?

I'm considering in trying to mix the blumaan Fifth sample pomade as a prestyler together with the blumaan cavalier heavy clay as a poststyler, and wondering if you think this combination would work to give the best of both worlds - the pomade first to give some slickness, smoothness and control to my long, coarse, frizzy and thick hair, and then ending up with the heavy clay to give some extra flexible hold, texture, and definition that holds.

What are your thought about this, do you think this combo could work for someone with extremely thick and coarse hair ?
Even if you haven't tried specifically the products from blumaan, i'm interested to hear if you have tried this combo - to mix a heavy clay with a firm pomade in general.

Thanks and cheers!
Why not just make a very small batch in a separate container and try it out for a few days? That way, if it doesn't work out, you won't have wasted much.
I meant just get a set of measuring spoons and measure out a small amount of each product and mix them in another container. If that mixture works well, you can make more using a larger amount next time.
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