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Took a gamble on a fuzzy picture and vague description and just picked up one of these from the bay.
There's a couple of threads about these already - along with 7 O'Clock and Nacet, Minora was a British Gillette brand although I'm not sure at whom it was targeted.

Anyway I'd sold, traded and PIF'd away all my DEs apart from the R41 and was concentrating on straights and SEs until a Gillette Single Ring called me back to the Open Combs and now this Minora is in the stable too.

With a 7 O'Clock Black in it, some L'Occitane cream and a Muhle Black Fibre this razor has just given me an astonishingly good shave. Smooth and efficient without any tendency to bite - I can imagine this as a great travel razor.

Anybody else got a Minora or know anything about their history?

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Thanks guys! Interestingly the box for the Minora in the thread that you link to Luc is almost identical to the box my English Single Ring came in. They are both such great shavers.
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