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FT Milky Way Suita Hoard Stone

The “Milky Way Suita” from Alex Gilmore’s hoard collection. It’s fast, produces a fine kasumi finish (never tried it on razors though), and is incredibly beautiful. Clouds of orange, yellow, and purple with red, purple, and black renge cast across the surface and through to the back. Sealed with a clear sealant of some kind. Attached are current pictures, the original ad and pictures on Alex’s old site, and a video Alex made of him using the stone. The dimensions Alex gave in the old ad are an average, and are still true. Keep in mind that the price listed on Alex’s old site is what it sold for a few years ago.

I’m mainly looking to trade for another hoard stone, preferably a Nakayama kiita, maybe asagi, or maybe suita if it is fine enough. Full size or close to it, missing corners are ok. I may be open to a hoard stone that isn't Nakayama, or a stone of similar value outside of the hoard. Will include or take cash if necessary.

Alex sharpening a deba on it:

B257F0EC-C04A-4A14-BECB-C8A01ADE30AA.jpeg 4DFE737D-3742-47C8-BBBB-DDF7C8D68801.jpeg AE91A705-498F-4549-ABDE-592E234540B9.jpeg Milky Way Suita TJS 1.png Milky Way Suita TJS 2.png The Japan Stone Suita.jpg
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