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FS Glanrafon stone/Tam O Shanter/Nakayama Suita/Iromono Jnat

Time to let a few duplicates go. Shipped CONUS

Glanrafon $200 7"x2"

TOS boxed Dark $130 8x2" Would like to get out what I have in it which is $130. It is almost black on the back side.

Nakayama Suita $60 a little over 5x3" Fine, Ultra hard, thin. It is thin, but very hard and stable on its own, but I mounted it to some wood. Easy to remove forget what I used, but it was a suggestion by Alex Gilmore so it can be just cut off if you want.

Iromono JNAT $180 8x3" Fine, Really hard. lots of purple when wet.

stone sale.jpg

Iromono (2).jpeg
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