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FS Huge Stone Sale

Up for sale is most of my stone collection. Feel free to make me an offer, the worst I can say is no.

Suminagashi Suita / Uchigumori
This rare treat is a double sided piece of suminagashi suita and uchigumori. The suita side is softer, fast, and an amazing polisher in its own right. The uchigumori side is of the harder variety, and is domed which means it was likely used in the sword polishing manner. I have never seen another stone that offers both suita and uchi like this. For me it is a collector’s piece, but somebody else could easily turn this into a workhorse.
197 x 69-70 x 25-30
$450 plus shipping


Shoubudani Suita Renge / Karasu
A rare double sided piece of suita and karasu. Both sides are of a medium hardness - yes both the suita and karasu are fantastic medium hardness polishers. Softer karasu are rare treats, and the fact that it’s paired with a renge suita on the other side makes this piece one of a kind.
211 x 74-75 x 32-35
$750 plus shipping


Miyadaiku Suminagashi Suita (double sided)
A medium hardness suminagashi suita with red and orange tones. The backside is harder and has beautiful swirls of grey, yellow, orange, red, and purple. I would not polish on the backside, it is much more appropriate as an edge finisher. This is an incredibly unique piece that was used by the temple carpenters in Japan.
209 x 75 x 32-35
$600 plus shipping


Miyadaiku Kiita
Medium Hard fine finisher with a kiita color, quite fast and very easy to use. Came with stamps, some are still there. This is another temple carpenter stone that is a top tier performer in my experience.
192 x 70 x 31-33
$400 plus shipping

Suminagashi Suita
Full size and thick workhorse suita. I used this in my main lineup of jnats for sharpening and polishing my Japanese knives and woodworking tools. It is fast, hard-ish, and fine. Once in a while if you use too much pressure it releases a particle that could scratch your jigane, but this stone is easy to figure out. I placed it on a plastic piece because it is attached to a wooden base that has four tiny nails sticking out a millimeter or two from the bottom - this is to keep it from moving around on a workbench. You could probably just hammer them back into the base if you don’t want them marring your work area.
The stone itself is 205 x 76-77 x 28-31
$500 plus shipping

Nakayama Kan
Collector grade full size piece of Nakayama. Amazing razor finisher or for final edges on knives and tools. Silky smooth, hard, fine, and fast with an atoma generated slurry. Has a stamp on one end of the stone, not a Maruka stamp but a Shohonyama Awasedo stamp.
198 x 71-72 x 37-42
$750 plus shipping

Nakayama Asagi Namazu
Perfectly shaped hard Nakayama finisher that can also give a high polish with proper pressure management. This was primarily a razor finisher and a base stone for nagura progressions, but I have used it to polish knives and woodworking tools with great success. This piece seems to be the perfect mix of hard, fine, and easy of use. I haven’t found any of the namazu to be toxic, and the backside has a beautiful even coat of kawa.
204 x 75 x 17-20
$550 plus shipping
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Dark Blue Asagi
This humungous asagi is hard and suitable as a final finisher for edges, uraoshi, and does a really decent wide bevel polish with slurry if light pressure is used. A piece like this lasts many generations.
202 x 82-83 x 51-52
$500 plus shipping

Kiita Karasu
An exceptional example of a hard kiita karasu. Beautiful yellow color with red blushing on the top and sides. The bottom is jet black with white, orange, and pink hues in the namazu. Truly a collector’s piece.
$470 plus shipping

Kiita Koppa Nashiji
Old kiita koppa nashiji with kawa on all four sides. I fell in love with this piece because the kawa reminds me of Alex Gilmore’s classic hoard collection. It’s a hard razor finisher, grit rich, and feels really great in the hand.
Total length is over 210, width is 55-60, height is 32-35
$375 plus shipping

Shoubudani Iromono Sakura
Nicknamed “sakura” because the thin benevolent lines running through the flowery red splotches look just like cherry blossoms. This is my most colorful stone and was kept as an ornamental piece for obvious reasons, though it works very well being on the softer side and fast. It had stamps once, and I have a picture of them if anyone is curious.
198 x 72-73 x 24-29
$500 plus shipping

Shohonyama Namazu
This one acts similarly to Nakayama and Narutaki that I have used, but technically I cannot give it a pedigree. It has a cloudy surface pattern and namazu, reminiscent of one of the aforementioned mines. Use the picture with the iron clad swarf to give you an idea of the hardness. To me it feels slightly soft, but the metal particles coagulating like that shows that it may be harder than it feels. A unique piece.
$185 plus shipping

Antique Asagi Namazu
A really old piece with hand sawn sides. This is a soft polisher that is likely a Nishimono, and has large splotches of namazu in the Maruoyama fashion.
212 x 72-74 x 29-33
$350 plus shipping
Shobudani Renge Suita/Karasu SOLD
Shobudani Iromono Sakura SOLD
Miyadaiku Suminagashi Suita SPF

The kiita koppa, kiita karasu, and shohonyama namazu are all excellent beginner razor finishers under $500.
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