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Merkur 34C Redux

Over the years, I've been fortunate to collect a fair share of razors. Each was a carefully considered purchase, made to either experience something new or provide for something lacking in my shave experience. The very first DE that I bought for myself was a Merkur 34C. Sadly, over the years, it fell by the wayside as I favored newer, shinier, heavier, slantier, more adjustable stablemates. While tidying up my shave den yesterday, I came accross this 34C HD, well wrapped but neglected in the back of a bathroom drawer. Feeling both guilty and nostalgic, I set it out for today's shave with a fresh Merkur blade, a stick of Speick and an SOC boar. What I got this morning was nothing short of extraordinary and a poignant reminder of how much pleasure can be had from a simple shave done in leisurely fashion with the right equipment. The result was a nice and easy three pass BBS. No fuss, no blood, and only one regret.

I'm sorry my dear Merkur for abandoning you. You are a great razor and deserve better than what I have done to you after you taught me how to shave. Effective immediately, you will be placed back in regular rotation and displayed prominently in my cabinet. You're still first on my list.
I am in the same boat as you. Once I went back to my Merkur 34C after trying a few others I keep asking myself why would I shave with anything else. Quick, easy, smooth and comfortable. Like you it was the razor I started with. I feel like I have come home to where I started.
My 1904 (same head I gather?) is considered inexpensive and average but whenever I pick it up it still gives me some of the best shaves I can have.
I guess I'm not appreciating my 34c just yet. I'm exploring different razors now, namely slants but I will give the 34c a try from time to time, see if my results changes as my technique improves.


I'm the same way. It was my first. Dont really think of it fondly or desire to use it often. But when I do use it, I am always really happy with the performance.
I have: Slim, Fatboy, Rocket, Slant among others. But sometimes I can't think in the morning, and choose my 34C because it works every time. This is my benchmark by which all the others follow; even if they're better tools. :thumbup1:
This is my first, and currently only, razor. I have only been DE shaving for a little over a week and love it! Would eventually be interested in other razors as funds allow.

Its a good razor. If I am looking to use up blades that may not be my faves I invariably use the Merkur. I like the way it holds the blade, and everything seems to work in it. If a new DE shaver asks for my advice and they insist on something new and shiny this razor would be my recommendation. And you can probably still get one new for under $35 USD.
Same here. My number one - and I've tried several others, old and new.

I would like to add that the Merkur blades are my very favorite blades, but since they are considerably more expensive than other also great blades, I don't have any at the moment.
34c was my first purchased DE. I've moved on to newer, slantier, adjustible, super-speedier, tech, aristocrat, NEWs. I have enjoyed them all, but always seem to return to my 34c and then wonder why I stray :)
I have the Hoffritz version of the 34C. It is the last DE razor that I bought and it has been my daily driver along with its' slant brother for a long time now. I have several other razors that shave well but this one rules them all.
Love my 34C (2008), even got the 34G (2011), but the finishing on the underside of the head is awful. Plating has come off and seems like bubbling, happened within a year of owning on both. I had to file the bar on the 34C as the corners were scratching my face. Just bought one for my Dad, finishing looks better, but will have to see. Read somewhere that the build quality has improved recently, but we'll have to see. I think they may have stepped up their game, especially when the Edwin Jagger and Muhle have better finishes. The quality of finish made me look for and buy some different razors last week, even though I will still use the 34C.
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