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Menthol splash

I am looking for a quality mid-afternoon pick me up menthol splash that isnt too overpowering in the smell category and wont overdry my skin. Does anyone know of anything?
i just realised that i posted in the wrong forum:confused: Sorry im new to this and didnt really pay attention to where it was going:blushing:
That's cool..the mods will oblige and move it to the appropriate forum, I imagine..

Hmmm...the Proraso splash is awesome as an aftershave splash, but when it dries down, there's going to be a lot of stuff on your face you don't really need if you're looking for a pick-me-up. I'd suggest an alcohol-based toner (which will dry, but you can fix that...) with menthol, AND glycerine or other moisturizers, OR find some Thayer's Super witch hazel. For me, I really like the Kiehl's blue astringent, which I "kicked up" by adding some pure glycerine (maybe a teaspoon for the large bottle), and a dash of tea tree oil. It's got a good amount of menthol already, and it leaves you very toned and fresh feeling, and smoothes and tightens your pores. They glycerine addition is optional, as it already has some in it, but I like a touch more.
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