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Mens Essentials - Toronto

Howdy all!

This morning the wife and I were walking along the Danforth when we stumbled across this store. I took a quick peak in and I was very impressed.

They had a huge selections of soaps and creams and colognes. Anything I could ever ask for was available.

I had a quick chat with the owner and he was a very nice and knowledgable person. He mentioned that he was also awaiting to hear back from some other popular brands for distribution.

From what I saw I really don't see myself ordering anything online anymore. Anyone in Toronto should check them out!
Went there myself last week Seth the Prop. is really nice and seems to know his stuff. I picked up a tub of QCS Vostok for 18.50CAD. This is actually reasonable when you consider shipping. I highly recommend this store.
I would love to find a nice Brick and Mortar shave shop...I'm all for supporting local mom and pop's plus being able to physically check gear/soaps/frags out before buying would be amazing. Grats on the find and best of luck with the shop and hopefully they find ample support.
I just checked out the Facebook page and lots of good stock . Time for a quick trip to the big city
I have already made several trips to Menessentials. Seth is changing the face of wet shaving in the GTA. Any wet shaver who lives in or is visiting the Toronto area owes it to himself to check this shop out. You won't be disappointed but you may leave with a lighter wallet and bigger smile than you entered with. :thumbup1:
Nice to see a retail store in the GTA. Although its a bit far from my place, I'll definitely have to check it out next time I'm in the city.
I was just there today talking to Seth and Michael.

Both great guys and filled me on the works about wet shaving. Going to do a bit more research and head back there next week to assemble my shaving kit!
Wow a blast from the past. They used to have a vibrant forum at one time. They used to send a ton of samples with every order. Great customer service.
Because of this thread, I payed a visit to Men's Essentials today. They have an excellent selection of shaving supplies and it is nice to be able to take a whiff of soaps/creams. I grabbed a couple of packs of Gillette 7 O'Clock yellow and greens for now but I plan to go back soon.
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