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Melting/Grating Soap

I have a few pucks of Van Der Hagen Luxury, and they were dirt cheap so I figured I could do some experimenting. I am going to melt down one of them in the microwave (from what I've read, the cheap glycerin based soaps are ok to melt), and then add some sent of my own before pouring it into my glazed ceramic soap dish (made one over the weekend, looks awesome!). The big question is, can I stretch these pucks by adding a bit of a regular bar of soap containing glycerin? Just to get some more volume to fill the soap dish. The same goes with the other puck, I am going to grate it and pack it in a different dish, would some grated non shaving soap mixed in hurt?

Any help appreciated! :drool:
I would be very hesitant to try to melt bar soap, even if it does contain added glycerin. You could added the grated pieces into the liquified VDH, but I wouldn't try to melt them.

would some grated non shaving soap mixed in hurt?

You could try and report back your results, but I'm not optomistic. VDH is an OK soap because it works and is inexpensive, but I'm not sure it is worth trying to "stretch it" with other soap in the mix.
I found in my microwave, 2 ten second bursts in the plastic container the VDH comes in, is perfect to melt all the soap without getting the plastic hot. I tested the lid plastic container the VDH comes in by itself for a 30 second cycle without deformation or heating.
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