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    Looking at buying this soap but would like an aftershave balm that pairs well with it. Was looking at Henri eat Victoria as an option any one familiar with that scent and MDC Fougere. Open to other suggestions
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    That is an odd name for a shaving brand....
  2. Lol

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  3. :lol:
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    "Et," but that doesn't *really* help much ...

  5. Dragonsbeard

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    Oak moss, Cardamon and Lavender is the foundation for a Fougere.scent and then you go from there adding other notes to get where you want to be with the scent. I really enjoy the MDC version of Fougere and I made a homemade aftershave for my personal use that matches the soap pretty good at this point but I’m still working on it as I was a little heavy handed with the Lavender.
  6. sarimento1

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    Sir Taken, you have lots and lots of options!
    Consider also, since MdC has great after-shave moisture, skipping an aftershave and just use a light cologne!

    ndc fougere matches.jpg
  7. Nancy Boy Signature works quite well with both the Fougere and Original scents from MdC. It's Lavender, Rosemary and Peppermint to give you an idea. It's a nice match. I'll also reach for something neutral scented like Nuetrogena Post Shave lotion or L'Occitane Cade aftershave balm.
  8. LA Shaving Soaps Blackfern
  9. coumarin (tonka bean), not cardamom
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    I’m not sure that Tonka beans gourmand note would work to make the aroma more green which is where I’m trying to go but I’m an open book and will give it a try.

    Thank you!

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