Maiden Voyage with new Sabre

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    Maiden voyage with New Sabre! I used the same blade I've been using in my micromatics (Gem PTFE). So, this was the 4th shave on this blade. i didn't want to risk a dud blade on the maiden voyage. This was probably a good call. That said, the blade is toast after 4 shaves for me.

    Back to the Sabre. What a cool razor. The angle is a bit more finnicky than the GEM razors, but it's doable. I thought it did great for my first time. It's nice and maneuverable under the nose. I just feel cool using this. It has a nice heavy feel. Loading isn't too hard. Threading the weird post was easy. I'm glad i bought the stand for it.

    Soap Commander Recreation. I've been on the fence about this scent, but decided to go for it today since it's a summer soap, and it's HOT out. Shaved great. I'm glad it went back into the drawer and out of the short term office storage.

    Myrsol Don Miguel. This is a scent for which I searched for many years. It's just like the Viburnum bush outside my office. Beautiful floral scent. Fades pretty quickly, but that's okay. Light florals are fleeting.

    Used the Infinity again. Great brush. Solid. Nice stiff, but not pokey knot. I didn't "need" an $86 brush, but I'm glad I treated myself. The shape and knot setting lend themselves to my technique.

    Today was a 9/10 because I was new to this razor, and the blade was nearly shot. Excited to use this razor tomorrow.
  1. The sabre is one of my favorite razors ever! I have a level 2, and I get very very long lasting shaves, and find it nearly impossible to get nicks or irritation. Plus, there's just something special about the way it feels! Congrats, and I'm glad you like it.
  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to indicate. I have a level 2 .9mm. Too mild razors are a bigger problem for me than potentiall too aggressive razors.
  3. Dragonsbeard

    Dragonsbeard Contributor

    Congrats on the new Sabre!
  4. I've had 3 shaves with it now. I love it. Smooth as silk. Even did a rushjob on Sunday with Proraso Red canned foam. Still great. I highly recommend it. As long as the PTFE blades are available, I will be fine. It's kind of liberating to be limited on blade choice.

  5. Another absolutely amazing shave with my Sabre. It's just fantastic.
  6. That's one nice looking rig.
  7. Thank you!!!
    I’ve now used my Sabre 7 times.

    I’m still in love with it. It even works alright with a treet blade.
  8. 8 shaves in. My other razors look lonely and sad.
  9. I've been trying to place that album cover in your avatar. I'm just blanking out.
  10. It’s the cover of giada de laurentiis’s cook book. Lol.
  11. A HA HA HA HA HA!!!! That's hysterical! No wonder I couldn't find it. I spent waaaay too much time searching for that "album cover" on the internet. I knew I had seen it before, I just knew it! And I Barnes and Noble. I'm a pretty avid home chef type, and I always checked out all the cooking books when in Barnes and Noble. I don't remember when exactly, but I know I've seen that book cover. That's just so funny....well, to me. But I amuse fairly easily.

    I was a musician in a former life. Between that, your user name, and the fact that I knew I had seen that could happen to anyone! Right? RIGHT??!!

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