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FS Brassbird, RR GC, Myrsol, Nacets and brush handle

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I bought a Blackland Osprey, so selling some things to offset the cost. Help a brother out! I take Paypal.

Nacet blades, 100 pack. From Maggards. $24 shipped.

Blackland Brassbird. I absolutely love this razor and if the Osprey stops being my thing, this is the Blackland razor I’ll go back to. Has a nice patina to it. I’ll throw in a tuck of blades with it. Will come in the original packaging. $125 shipped.

Razorock Gamechanger .84B with barberpole handle. I’ll throw in an aftermarket stand that fits it. It'll come in a RR box. $50 shipped.

Myrsol Don Miguel aftershave. Smells like spring jasmine - floral but still masculine, think "elegant." This is the big bottle and it’s only been used twice - I’ve got so much Myrsol I haven’t yet worked my way to this one. $30 shipped.

Black horn brush handle. Will take a 24-26mm brush knot. Very handsome handle in black horn. $24 shipped.


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