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Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by t81rd, May 12, 2019.

    Made a new brush today nothing exotic for wood, but good for practice. Still need to sand and apply CA

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  1. Nice shape. It will look great polished and a knot added.
  2. I'll post a picture when its done
  3. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Moderator

    Looks pretty good. Can't wait to see the finished product all knotted up.
  4. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    Some nice work.
    That wood looks like it will finish nicely.
  5. [​IMG]
    bonus one from today
  6. I like the first one.
    I've never liked the look of "fat lips" or heavy edges where the knot hole is.
    Nice work.
  7. Looks nice, good work!
  8. Lovely work!! :a14::a14:

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