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Brush shopping, what are your basic requirements?

My priorities are:

Super-soft tips with zero scritch or scrub.
Easy splay, no lather hogging.
Fast drying (I keep my main brush in the shower. Yes, I'm a heathen.)
Comfortable, good-looking handle.

This has led me to a Rudy Vey Beagle interpretation loaded with a Motherlode synthetic knot.

Effectiveness, quality, feel and value. I've settled on three Razorock brushes from Italian Barber all acquired on sale for under $10 each that work amazingly well. These include Monster and Big Bruce Plissofts and a Blondie (rebranded Zenith 80N) boar. Key characteristics include:
  • 26mm knots (same for all three brushes, identical Plissoft knot in the Monster and Big Bruce) that make it easier to quickly load and build plenty of lather
  • Effectiveness across all my soaps an creams. Plissofts for most, stiffer boar for my hardest soaps. Effectiveness includes ease of loading and ability to build quality lather.
  • Quality, knots that hold up over time. All of these brushes show little wear after 2-4 years of use. Resin handles on the plissofts look and feel like premium products.
  • Feel, both luxurious face feel from the plissofts and handles that are easy to grip.
These are great value brushes that punch well above the weight implied by their selling prices.


Ditto, ditto
1. Has to be premium or select boar, bleached or unbleached, without a stripe.
2. Must be a minimum of 24 mm diameter.
3. Loft must be not more than 60 mm.

Preferred knots are Semogue SOC (24x55) and Zenith 507 (27/28x57). I'm eagerly waiting to try the new Semogue Pegasus (26.5x56).


Check Out Chick
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My main concern is the shape of the handle. I will buy what I like. I don’t care much what type of bristles and I do not care on lofts and widths. My grandfather who was a Barber just bought brushes and used them, my father just bought brushes and used them. I do the same, I buy a brush and use it. It is simple if we let it be simple.
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