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Love the simplicity of Superior 70 Bay Rum

My schedule got all screwed up today - didn't end up getting around to shaving until the early evening. Didn't feel like an overbearing aroma, so slapped on a palmful of Superior 70 afterwards. Nice skin feel, refreshing cool, and nice clean scent. Lasted about 30-40 minutes, then slowly disappeared. just love it. I wanted some skin food and a mild scent, and Superior 70 comes through.
Superior 70 is a great, mild bay rum with good skin feel for sure! Mix it up in the Bootlegger’s style to up the scent and still keep the face feel!
One of the qualities that separates Superior 70 from my other aftershave splashes is the higher-than-average percentage of alcohol. The highest in my meager selection. So if you like alcohol burn...Superior 70!
Great product. I can still find it in one store near me, along with the Mentolado.
I bought a big bottle last year not long after Hurricane Maria, fearing that production would be disrupted in Puerto Rico.
I don't use Superior 70, but I use and love a close competitor Gabel’s Bay Rum. The quality is second to none.

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