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Lost my Dad today

I cant thank you enough for the encouraging words, prayers and condolences. It is helping! We have family flying in from different states and out of the US. The funeral/burial is tentatively scheduled for mid next week so I am sure this may get worse as the dates get closer but so far I’m holding on somewhat strong for my mom, brother and sister.

Thanks again 😍
He was sick and suffered on and off with many issues over the years including heart issues. My brother and I came to help take care of him a few weeks ago while my mom had her knee surgery and while she was recovering in rehab. He got very sick last week and spent a week in the hospital including ICU. Today we brought my mom home from rehab and as soon as my mom came home and sat in her own bed, after being in rehab for almost a month, we received a call that he passed.

I could not have asked for a better father. He was by far the best man I ever knew. He was honest and the most forgiving person I ever met. He grew up in poverty without a high school education but thought himself by reading books. He did not have a high school diploma because he had to drop out to support his many brothers, sisters and mom. Even without a formal education, my dad got a job because of a friend’s recommendation with a big financial firm. He excelled and worked there for 25 years until he retired. He got me, my brother and my sister a job at that same company. My brother left after 4 years to pursue other successful opportunities. My sister is about to complete her 25th year at this big financial firm. I’ve been very successful at this same firm - currently on my 29th year.

He loved hearing every time I got promoted or an award or excelled at something.

I made sure I told him often (for many years) how much he meant to me and how much I appreciated all that he sacrificed to give us a better life.

Rest in peace Daddy! Thank you for being the man you were! I will miss you so much but glad you are no longer suffering.
Bless you ... and him. It sounds like he was a really, really good man. I'm so sorry for your loss but your admiration, love and respect for him is a wonderful thing.
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