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Looking For A Boar

So here's the deal. In order to keep any ad's that may develop with my new foray into wet shaving under control, SWMBO and I came upon an agreement. Her weakness happens to be Coach handbags, so we made a deal that I get to add a brush to my collection each time she buys a new bag. Last night was new years eve, so my fiance obviously just had to have a new bag to go out with. That's fine with me, since it means a new brush is coming my way. I'm currently using an Edwin Jagger BBB which is my only brush at this time. I would like to begin building a rotation and I believe that the next logical step would be a quality boar brush. I keep a short beard and only shave my neck and mustache so I don't want a particularly large brush. The EJ has a 21mm knot and a 53mm loft which seems comfortable to me in my very limited experience. I currently bowl lather although this is not a practice that is set in stone for me at this time. I would love to have a brush that has enough backbone to work well primarily with soaps, yet I still want something that is soft on the face. I'm currently looking at a Semogue 1305 and and the Omega 10275, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Price is not a concern for me since even the most expensive boar brush is still very cheap when compared to the bag she just bought. Thanks in advance.
The 1305 is an excellent boar brush, if your after small and accurate may I sugggest a Simpsons wee scot? I know it's not a boar but it may be what your looking for for doing just your neck.
+1 on the Semogue 1305. I've had one for a little over a month now and it's a great brush. I also use a SOC (may be too large/not enough backbone for your needs but it does a killer job on soaps) and a Semogue 1460. The 1460 is a great little brush...great on soaps, soft tips, not too large on the face (I face lather) and has good backbone. Can't speak to the Omega brushes as I don't own one. I pretty satisfied with the Semogue line of brushes!
+1 on the SOC, I've a number of Semogue boars and some have had paint issues the SOC would eliminate that.
Thanks for the quick replys. I know that I will eventually have to buy a wee scot, however I think I want something a bit bigger right now. I have looked at the SOC but agree that it might be a bit too big for my needs.
I'm a big brush guy, through and through but, from what you've said, I'd really look at that Wee Scott very seriously. It looks like exactly what you need.

(and seriously, I've priced those Coach bags and you should be able to get the Wee Scot, the 1305 and 5 pucks of AOS and you are still ahead:thumbup:)

Be sure to post the results!

(and seriously, I've priced those Coach bags and you should be able to get the Wee Scot, the 1305 and 5 pucks of AOS and you are still ahead:thumbup:)

I like your thinking. Somehow though I don't think that would go over well. Thanks for the input.
Well gee, at $10 from West Coast Shaving I'd get the Omega 10275, were it me. I have four Omegas and they've all been just great, especially for the price. My personal favorite is the 31064.

You really can't go wrong between the Omega and Semogue, though.

Crabtree and Evelyn used to have a Boar brush that was on the smallish side.

I don't think they carry them anymore, but you might be able to find one on BST or eBay.

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You should get a brush (es) valued equally to the Coach bag - don't be cheap and just get a boar brush. I know the prices for Coach bags, guess why, and the equal valued brush could be either a nice Shavemac, Rooney or a Simpson.
Just to add to your list of bore brushes. Take a look at the Vie Long brushes. I bought one (13710C) to gift to my dad and it was a very good brush with a solid resin handle rather than hollow.

I have an Omega and they are very nice brushes.
I currently have the Omega Pro and Omega Art 11574, The Omega Pro I think will be too big for what you want it for... however I think the 11574 would be perfect. It is I think a medium size brush but it has lots of backbone yet very soft tips after it is broken in. I think it does great on soaps and really great with creams.

The 11574 is about overall 105mm tall....about 55mm loft and approx. 24mm knot.
I have the Semogue 1305 and I would strongly recommend it. It feels fantastic on the face and is not too big IMHO. In the same vein, you might consider the 830 as well. I have not owned any Omega boars, but people say good things. However, for a paltry 10 bucks more you can have a Semogue. If I was only allowed to use my 1305 for the rest of my life, I could live with that (God forbid...)
I recommend an Omega pro 49 or 10018. The 10018 is a smallish brush but is a great face lather with soaps or creams.
Thanks for the suggestions. You people are a bunch of enablers. I just received my EJ as a Christmas gift which is why I'm a little hesitant getting a higher end badger that might well replace it. This is part of the reason why I was leaning toward a boar, which is a totally different animal, no pun intended. I may still get another badger though, in which case I think I would go for either a Rooney 3/1 in super or a Simpsons in best. I was looking at the Berkely and Special, which are on the smaller end of their line.
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I use an Omega 21047 for much of the reasons cited by the OP. It allows a degree of precision while lathering in limited spaces. The specs on mine are:

Knot: 20mm
Loft: 46mm (although advertised at 43mm)
Handle: 29mm (I find it usable, but it is quite short)

Although boars require more of a breakin period, mine arrived fairly soft to begin with and improved from there. It's available at both WCS and ShoeBoxShaving for very reasonable prices.

Another Omega that I've seen (but do not own) that might be of interest to you is the Omega 40033 (Loft: 48mm, Knot: 23mm, Handle: 40mm). With its relatively short loft and medium sized knot, it is rumored to have significant backbone. There's not a lot written about the brush, but several B&B members have commented positively on it. Currently available from ShoeBoxShaving for $7, it would be a fairly inexpensive experiment.
I'm with RV on this....

she gets a coach bag and you get a $20 boar? set your sights higher!

an inexpensive boar can be gotten anytime. don't take her to wendy's for lunch and you've saved enough for a boar.

make these trades count by getting something of comparable value. a nice badger that you can't simply run out and buy for yourself.

what's fit for the goose, is fit for the gander.
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