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Recommend 10 synth knots to try please

I am looking for recommendations for 10 synthetic knots to buy and try - KNOTS only please because I make my own brushes and need knots I can buy readily.

I have always been a natural hair knot guy; badger, boar, horse and love them. Every synthetic brush I have owned I only used once or twice at most and they didn’t please me back then.

But I make brushes and like to give them away too……. Even cheaper Chinese badgers are becoming cost prohibitive for this and there seem to be a number of new advances in synthetic knots I have read about over the years. So I am looking to try a panel of synthetic knots to find some suitable for give-away brushes. This is why I am asking for recommendations on knots only sold separately from handles please.

A range of commercially available knots would be great please. No preference on backbone/stiffness/feel etc. as I am open to exploring here, but I do prefer bulb shaped knots and ideally 24mm base preferred. I’d like good knots and doesn’t need to be the cheapest synths available as they all seem to be much less expensive than high-end badgers.

I have no recent synth experience. Best I had was years ago and it was plisson which was super soft and nothing new. So any advice from the experienced synthetic knot guys would be most appreciated! Thank you in advance!
If you are looking for a selection of different knots, I think it's hard to beat Boti for their selection of knots they have and all are largely at a very good price. I own a couple of them and they are two of the better performing synthetic knots I own, but like yourself I tend to prefer brushes with knots made from natural hair, mainly being boar.

I have this particular knot in a Highlander brush, and it was a bit stiff to begin with but after a few shaves it's a pleasure to use. Well priced too, about $5 or so before shipping. I've got about 7 or 8 different types of synthetic knots in my collection of brushes, and I believe in terms of performance they can all make a good lather, but I find myself preferring ones that do not have an enormous glue bump and splay well, but this is a YMMV issue as ever.

IMO, if you are handy with a junior hacksaw (I'm not) I think a good affordable option would be to buy some Omega boar brushes and cut out the knots yourself. An Omega 10066 could be a good brush to source a 24mm knot from. Connaught Shaving have them in the UK for a good price, but I don't know where you are for shipping.
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Thank you guys. I ordered all of those from APShaveco and a few more to try.

I order badgers etc from Boti and Oumo already, so next time I plan to make a big order I’ll add those you all recommended to the list.

I appreciate these answers and am open to trying others/more. I’m not going to limit myself to 10; who was I kidding. Plus I will likely give them all away anyway!
Razorock Plissoft
PAA Spectral/Roswell Grey/Stygian (all same fiber)
PAA Nexus
STFv2 AP shave
G5A AP shave
G5C AP shave
TurnNShave Tuxedo
TurnNShave Quarter moon
TurnNShave Timberwolf
TurnNShave Full Moon
TurnNShave Horse synth
If you are looking for a range of experiences, you might want to add a Motherlode knot to your list. It will likely be softer than any other knot you order. It's available from Boti and Oumo.
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I second the Tuxedo. Also Whipped Dog sells a knot with similar "hair" but with red tips if you need that. I had a red Wolf Whiskers handle with a red transparent bottom and the black and red hairs really finished it off.
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Got a shipment from @apshaveco and set the first 6 knots. Have already tried the SYNBAD and while I’m not giving up my badgers and boars, I’m pleasantly surprised. Still a few more from APShave to set and others coming in the mail.

From left to right:


I'm going to vote Muhle STF. Very nice.
My first synth was a Maggard Tuxedo. Both excel at creme, and soft puck
Back in the day, I had the old spice mug and puck. I don't think either would work well without doing a pre-soak on the puck. Fortunately, I had a reasonable boar brush, and it was perfect for that soap.
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Any additional updates on the knot comparison?

Yes and no. I have maybe another 20 synth knots now and slowly setting them in handles. Some handles I made before and never used, some new. I haven’t been doing a very good job of testing as it has been rather random in my selection, different soaps/creams, and no notes. So far I am impressed with the feel of some, the performance of some, and the look of some…….but not all three in the same knot so much. Best so far is probably the APShave co G knots. One thing I learned some of these synths knots can do it somehow separate water from lather and fling it on me - WTH!?! I do not like that any any drippy knot is going on the “bad” list. I can’t recall any of my naturals ever doing that, even crappy natural knots.






I'm going to vote Muhle STF.
I got one of those but it was the L and not the XL I think. I set it in an Eagle-like handle I made but didn’t get any pics before I left for vacation. I have not used the knot but it seems OK to me but maybe a little thin? Not fair for me to judge until I use it. But I can say for the price, it is at the same level as I pay for badger so I am not sure it will be at the top of my list for giving away. Perhaps personal use but we will have to wait and see on that.
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