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    hello all i was thinking about getting one of these what blades doe it use what are your thought on it?? tell me more about it please... thank you
  1. Good shaver, pretty mild, uses FHS10s, can take despined Gems.

    Good for when you are in a rush - hard to cut yourself with it.
  2. Can it take despined blades without notching?
  3. I don’t notch mine.
  4. Which gems are those?
  5. I think all modern gem blades have the same layout, so theoretically you should be able to use any of them. But like many people, I feel like the PTFE is the only one worth bothering with.
  6. PTFE for me, too.
  7. I have shaved almost exclusively with my Core and FHS10 blades since I got it a few months back.

    No irritation. Good shaves. I don't go for BBS anymore, but if I did this razor would get me there.

    I was very leery of the Feather FHS10 blades since I have had so much trouble with the Feather DE blades. I am sensitive to many blade coatings, and whatever Feather uses on their DE blades gives me terrible contact dermatitis.

    The FHS10 blades do not give me any irritation at all.

    I even tried a Polsilver DE blade in my Super Adjustable, and I had dermatitis with it too.

    The OneBlade Core has been the answer to my shaving problems!
  8. thanks
  9. Now I understand the Gem blades. I was thinking the blades used by Oneblade were similar in size to the artist club, but narrower. I didn't realize that they are basically a gem blade with no spine.

    I actually bit on the recent sale that Oneblade has, so I picked up a Core at 40% off. Having a couple of Gem razors I have some blades to try removing the spine from if I wish.

    I have one pack of the stainless (PTFE) that I've not even used one of. The ones I've been using are the carbon steel which I find to be excellent and very smooth, but take a bit of care to keep them from rusting.
  10. Yes, FHS10s are slightly wider and longer than Gems, but not by much at all.

    Let us know how you go with a carbon blade in the Core, if you end up trying it?
  11. ok so i am still wondering about all the things i asked when i started this thread everyone. thanks
  12. Sorry, what do you mean?
  13. well i started this thread to find out what people thought of the razors and about some saying theirs fell apart and how they shave and whatnot and all the stuff that has been said but still waiting to hear about the quality and what i originally asked..
  14. i mean im okay with the way this has gone but i would also appreciate the original answers also does that make sense? i hope so..:001_smile
  15. Big Burly and I have both answered your questions as you posed them originally. We could only answer the questions you asked.

    It seems you have other questions you didn’t ask at the start. I’m happy to leave those for others to answer.
  16. well what do you think of the quality? what about those that have said they have fallen apart.
  17. It seems those that have posted to this thread and have one seem to like it fine. I have one coming and I'll post my assessment for what it's worth. I hadn't heard of them falling apart. I wouldn't worry about that as I'm sure if there were a problem the vendor would take care of you.
  18. ok thank you.
  19. Don't buy the Core, buy one of the OneBlade Hybrid refurbs, they're close in price, but use the stainless Genesis head. I tried the original Core, and then waited for the updated model a couple months later, and ultimately returned it back in 2017. - There's now a V2 (if you call the ones I used V1 and V1.1 or V1.5), which might have addressed my gripes.

    When I tried the original(s), it took work to get a clean/close shave, compared to my DEs. The other thing I didn't like was the plastic head didn't seem to glide as smoothly on my face as your typical metal head razor, that's the only way I can describe it, not harsh, not the blade, the Triton head just didn't seem to glide as easily with some soaps. There was as some minor concern about accidentally cutting off the front stops, which were also Triton/polymer. - Keep in mind there's apparently an even newer revision, and this was the original and then the modified original. There's a 3rd version that uses a slightly different head compound, which is touted as being stronger.

    I've purchased a refurbished Hybrid ($119) using a discount which brought it down even more. Having showed up yesterday, I used it this morning, once I found the left over blade from 2017 (they forgot to include the 10 pack of blades), it shaves both closer and much more smoothly, with better glide than the either of those Core models. Actually, it shaved pretty darn well, and that's coming from somebody who loves their Timeless 95 OC, Gillette Slim, Rockwell 6s, and Schick Adjustable. - I managed a two(2) pass shave, that equaled what I'd have gotten with the slim using a Feather or Nacet blade, but very quickly and easily. (You can just zip this thing around, pressing to engage the pivot). I think the Hybrid is definitely a keeper and I liked how well is managed those 'trouble' areas, the two small scars, the sides of the jaw, and upper lip. No sting from the witchazel or aftershave, and my face is easily BBS feeling.

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