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looking at a oneblade core

Best advice to share when trying a OneBlade is just IGNORE the pivot, otherwise you will be pushing a lot harder than necessary. If you place the OB against your face, push the forward close to the pivot, which will get you the hang of it quicker. If you start thinking about making it pivot, you'll just press harder, when it should just pivot on it's own, and it's a matter of trusting it will do its thing.

I'm thinking an FHS-10 is going to be 4 shaves and done, after using it again with the same blade for shave #4 this morning. I'll start another shave, but there was a bit of buffing needed this morning to get smooth. On the plus side, I didn't have a lot to remove this morning, she's getting really close in three passes.
I just had shave #3 with a FHS-10 in my OneBlade Hybrid, results were a super close and smooth shave. When I say super close, even my Timeless 95 OC or Rockwell (R6) wouldn't get any closer. And keep in mind, I had the original two renditions of the Core, and it couldn't muster this close a shave with a brand new blade, and the second shave with one of these blades wasn't as close with the Core. - Absolutely a big step up in efficiency over the core. I should add, that I flipped blade between shaves, as I tried when I had the Core.

I have a GEM which I enlarged the notch using a conical grind stone in my dremel. That will be the next blade, once this FHS is dead. Going to see just how many good shaves the Hybrid can yield on the FHS. I have like 180 PTFE GEM blades, so if they work for me, I'm set for quite some time.
I think you’ll enjoy the gems, they’re great in the Oneblade.

Is it hard to get the notch position just right with a dremel?

Also - you’re right (as well as more succinct than me). Ignoring the pivot and just trusting that it is working - that’s the way to go.
I’ve had 2 V2 cores. The first one was with the original material...the second one was much better. But for me as much as I wanted to love it, it just wasn’t efficient enough. The material (for head shaving) has a tendency to skip. Granted not every guy needs to consider this. But I recently took advantage of the OneBlade trial offer and had the opportunity to try the vaunted Genesis, as well as the Hybrid. The steel head made all the difference in the world. Needless to say I pulled the trigger on the (expensive but still relatively affordable) hybrid. It’s now one of my favorites. Perfect efficient shave with no irritation. I only mention that because I think the step up from the Core is well worth the money...if you’re into the idea of OneBlade that is.

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Don't buy the Core, buy one of the OneBlade Hybrid refurbs, they're close in price, but use the stainless Genesis head. I tried the original Core, and then waited for the updated model a couple months later, and ultimately returned it back in 2017. - There's now a V2 (if you call the ones I used V1 and V1.1 or V1.5), which might have addressed my gripes.

When I tried the original(s), it took work to get a clean/close shave, compared to my DEs. The other thing I didn't like was the plastic head didn't seem to glide as smoothly on my face as your typical metal head razor, that's the only way I can describe it, not harsh, not the blade, the Triton head just didn't seem to glide as easily with some soaps. There was as some minor concern about accidentally cutting off the front stops, which were also Triton/polymer. - Keep in mind there's apparently an even newer revision, and this was the original and then the modified original. There's a 3rd version that uses a slightly different head compound, which is touted as being stronger.

I've purchased a refurbished Hybrid ($119) using a discount which brought it down even more. Having showed up yesterday, I used it this morning, once I found the left over blade from 2017 (they forgot to include the 10 pack of blades), it shaves both closer and much more smoothly, with better glide than the either of those Core models. Actually, it shaved pretty darn well, and that's coming from somebody who loves their Timeless 95 OC, Gillette Slim, Rockwell 6s, and Schick Adjustable. - I managed a two(2) pass shave, that equaled what I'd have gotten with the slim using a Feather or Nacet blade, but very quickly and easily. (You can just zip this thing around, pressing to engage the pivot). I think the Hybrid is definitely a keeper and I liked how well is managed those 'trouble' areas, the two small scars, the sides of the jaw, and upper lip. No sting from the witchazel or aftershave, and my face is easily BBS feeling.
My exact experience! You nailed it.

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Just because it has a pivot does not mean you use it exactly like a cart.

I recently spent a couple of months developing my technique with an MMOC. Once I became proficient with the MMOC, I found that that technique transferred very well to my Oneblade.

Using my Oneblade like an MMOC dramatically improved the shaves I got from it.
Agreed. My first go around a couple of years ago I used it the same as a cart...definitely not the way to go. The pivot is not designed to be used that way. It took learning to use an MMOC and other Gem’s for me to “get it” I love using OneBlade now.

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I personally did not get a good shave with the OneBlade UNTIL i started using pressure hard enough to activate the pivot. I have both the Core and Hybrid. They shave almost identically. The Hybrid slightly closer, but I could live with either one.