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Long-handled brush designs?

Hello all!

I plan to buy a brush from Superior Brushes (20mm, Best Bristle) and would like to get recommendations for a long-handle handle design. I have a few pics that I have found here and throughout the web. They can be seen on my gallery page here: http://badgerandblade.com/gallery/browseimages.php?c=3&userid=608 (easier than having to wait while lots of pics load, right?) If anyone has any designs you think would work well, please post them!

Thanks very much!
~Tim :cool:
Here are the ones posted to my Flickr gallery:

1. Blankity-Blank brush:

2. Shavemac #1 (21mm knot):

3. Shavemac #2 (26mm knot)

Which one would you choose?
~Tim :cool:
You may wish to take a look at the Vulfix 38. Not so much for the size of the knot, but the proportions (loft to hilt) and grace of the handle curves. I have a long-handled Floris brush that is a pleasure to use. If you wish I can take a photo of it for you. Just say the word.
The word is given! Thanks Ron! The Vulfix looks great from here. I looked on the Floris website but couldn't find any long-handled brushes.

~Tim :cool:

guenron said:
If you wish I can take a photo of it for you. Just say the word.
I can't seem to upload to the gallery any longer.:crying: But I haven't forgotten. I'll try to attach the photo to this message. Ah, please note the ruler does not start flush, but has a tare space of about 1/16".
Looks great, Ron! Until they get the images fixed (incl. in the gallery), I don't think I'll be uploading any.

~Tim :cool:
I emailed Randy Pratt who makes Superior brushes-I've purchased 9 from him and had a toal of 5 hairs shed from 2 brushes-Love'em-that he look at the Classic Shaving websiteat the Vulfix and Rooney shave brushes to get some ideas regarding brush handles.
I have the M&P long handled brush, it feels great in the hand and is really a nice change from the more traditional brush shapes.
Cheers, DJ.
Hi Tim,
Which dimensions are you looking for? Circumferences at any particular points or just knot size? (Here I thought my ruler shot was soooooo good.:sad:
My choice has been made! I've decided to go with a custom brush. 25mm Best Badger in a dark blue handle similar to these:

I plan on the handle height to be around three-inches (making the overall height about 5.9 inches), but with the narrower area like that near the base of the Vulfix 38 (last in pic)

~Tim :thumbup:
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