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Long-handled brush designs?

Hello all!

I plan to buy a brush from Superior Brushes (20mm, Best Bristle) and would like to get recommendations for a long-handle handle design. I have a few pics that I have found here and throughout the web. They can be seen on my gallery page here: http://badgerandblade.com/gallery/browseimages.php?c=3&userid=608 (easier than having to wait while lots of pics load, right?) If anyone has any designs you think would work well, please post them!

Thanks very much!
~Tim :cool:
Here are the ones posted to my Flickr gallery:

1. Blankity-Blank brush:

2. Shavemac #1 (21mm knot):

3. Shavemac #2 (26mm knot)

Which one would you choose?
~Tim :cool:
You may wish to take a look at the Vulfix 38. Not so much for the size of the knot, but the proportions (loft to hilt) and grace of the handle curves. I have a long-handled Floris brush that is a pleasure to use. If you wish I can take a photo of it for you. Just say the word.
The word is given! Thanks Ron! The Vulfix looks great from here. I looked on the Floris website but couldn't find any long-handled brushes.

~Tim :cool:

guenron said:
If you wish I can take a photo of it for you. Just say the word.
I can't seem to upload to the gallery any longer.:crying: But I haven't forgotten. I'll try to attach the photo to this message. Ah, please note the ruler does not start flush, but has a tare space of about 1/16".
Looks great, Ron! Until they get the images fixed (incl. in the gallery), I don't think I'll be uploading any.

~Tim :cool:
I emailed Randy Pratt who makes Superior brushes-I've purchased 9 from him and had a toal of 5 hairs shed from 2 brushes-Love'em-that he look at the Classic Shaving websiteat the Vulfix and Rooney shave brushes to get some ideas regarding brush handles.
My choice has been made! I've decided to go with a custom brush. 25mm Best Badger in a dark blue handle similar to these:

I plan on the handle height to be around three-inches (making the overall height about 5.9 inches), but with the narrower area like that near the base of the Vulfix 38 (last in pic)

~Tim :thumbup:
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