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Leather Slippers anyone?

Being a member of B&B has made me realize that I need some quality leather house slippers. I'm looking for leather, unlined or lightly lined, scuffs or full shoe. My previous slippers were LL Bean flannel lined bison leather. SWMBO made me trash them due to horrendous foot odor from sweating into the lining. The more circulation, less lining, padding, the better. Price range - 200 Max. Any recommendations?
I know you're looking for something a little more...sophisticated, but I have to throw it out there. I have completely converted to Crocs. I have a pair with the lining that I wear inside the house only. They are so much more comfortable because they have arch support. I don't know of any leather slippers that will give you that. I've been wearing mine around the house since Christmas and still no odor at all. I wouldn't wear them out in public, but for house shoes they're awesome.
I will admit that I hadn't considered Crocs. My wife, a nurse, wears them at work. They're not the ideal but I'll try on a pair and see how they feel. Thanks
I wear crocs as house shoes too, I have for five years, I'm on my second pair. Love the support, they're also great with or without socks. Ugly as sin, but they never leave the house.
They're a little pricey but I've owned a pair of UGG slippers for about three years now and they've held up wonderfully. I wear them daily year round and I still love them. I recently purchased a new pair of insoles for a reasonable price (15$ I think) from their website but that was the first time I replaced them and it was maybe 3 months ago. They're still looking pretty good and perfectly functional. They're the Ascot and they run about 110$ but you can find them on sale pretty regularly.

Look up "L.B. Evans Aristocrat Scuff " they're about $70 but no odor and I've had my current set for over two years with no signs of wear and I use them daily.
Personally, I like Dearfoams. They are leather moccasins with padded plaid lined interiors and rubber soles. My wife got me a pair three years ago and they have served me fantastically. Extremely comfortable around the house. The soles wore out after three years (I wore them too much outside at times) and this last Christmas she bought me another pair - identical to the first pair and they are equally fantastic. I've resolved not to wear them anywhere but in the house where there is wall to wall carpeting.

With anything that's padded I think you'll need to do two things: wear socks and use a medicated talc powder in them periodically. This mitigates any odor from sweat. Socks in the Winter and barefoot in them in the warmer months coupled with talc on a regular basis equals heaven for me and they smell nice (think Barbershop scent).

I would think anything you chose is going to be affected by foot sweat so medicated talc will always help. This seems especially true with Crocs as my daughters have them and they reek of foot odor when used barefoot for a period of time.

I don't need arch support (I actually find it annoying) and Dearfoams don't supply it so take my recommendation with a grain of salt. If you need something with that then naturally look at something else.

Hope this helps.