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Last Shave for a Blade?

Hi Guys, Anyone ever experience the "never ending one more shave from this blade" experience. I don't necessarily change razors, blades, or soap too much. I generally use my soap until it is gone and don't change my shaving technique ever. I will change up razors occasionally, but that's a whole different topic for a different day. I have a regular every 2nd day shaving schedule at the same time every day, using the same equipment and routine and soap. I generally get 6 -8 shaves per blade. I change blades when I feel the need, not on shave count. I always have tried to squeeze one extra shave out of my blades. So, I make a note to myself that after the next shave it's time to change the blade. Lately, after I've decided to change the blade following the shave, I get an excellent and don't change it and get an additional 2 or 3 excellent shaves from the blade. I am not a cheapskate and would never consider using a blade that would not provide a good close comfortable shave under any circumstance. FYI, I am a blade flipper and hand\arm stropper after every shave. I am told by barbers that I have a heavy beard. I always shave 4 passes. With the grain, cross grain ear to nose, cross grain nose to ear, and against the grain. Been using Astras lately, but have also had this experience with other blades.
There's a club for people who try to get as many shaves as possible from a blade. The results might surprise you!

Whatever works for you is ok. If it's comfortable, keep using it. Just make sure it doesn't rust!
I shave everyday and religiously change my blade (and clean the razor) every 3 days. Is it always necessary? No!
But I feel that I get the best shaves on the first 3 shaves. YMMV!
For me it's with soap and after shave, at the begining they go fast, but at the end, last 10% lasts loke previous 90%, I'm always thinking "good just 2 more shaves to spend this cream/AS and start new one" and it lasts 10 more shaves...


The Men Who Sniff at Goats
No one should have to shave on a dull blade. In saying this, after many years, just from shaving and putting the time in on my various types/brands of favorite blades, I know exactly how many shaves from each type/brand I can get. I didn't have to experiment, research or test to find this information, I just simply had to put in time served.

DE: Polsilvers and Wizamet SI's, 7 shaves. Israeli Red Personna's and Astra SP's 5 shaves.

SE: GEM Stainless 12 shaves, 15 shaves with stropping.

Injector: Schick Chromium 12 shaves, 15 shaves with stropping.

Dovo Bismarck: Infinity shaves with stropping and touch ups with 3M lapping film and crox.

Sanguin R5 DE Shavette: 4 shaves from each half of DE blade, so 10 shaves.

Trac II Cartridges: 18 shaves.
I bin every DE blade after 4 shaves. After I use a blade, I remove it from the razor, pat it dry, and put it on a series of 4 magnets (1st magnet for 1st use, 2nd for second use, etc.). Some blades might last longer but I guess I'm not curious enough to find out.


The Men Who Sniff at Goats
I bin every DE blade after 4 shaves. After I use a blade, I remove it from the razor, pat it dry, and put it on a series of 4 magnets (1st magnet for 1st use, 2nd for second use, etc.). Some blades might last longer but I guess I'm not curious enough to find out.

That’s a good system. I used to have several blades from several different razors going at once until I started the minimalist lifestyle and simplifying my life by organizing and down sizing.

If I pull out a DE razor to shave with I will use that same razor and blade until I toss the blade. I shave every other day now and sometimes go even three days before a shave, so if I get 7 shaves from a blade, it could be a couple of weeks before I move on to something else.

So when I do toss the blade and move on, it’s usually another different type of shaver like an SE or injector.

Straight shaves may only be for a day, while Shavettes may be for just a few days on half of a DE blade. I just finished up 18 shaves on a vintage Trac II cartridge that took me a couple of months of shaving to finish off. I keep some small dice in the corner of my bathroom vanity and flip them to keep shave count on my blades usage. :)
I change my blades whenever I can my underwear; every Sunday whether needed or not. Made you laugh 😆 I change drawers daily and my blade on Sundays. Have fun and happy shaves.
I keep track of different blades. I’ll keep using them at first and bin when a rough or inefficient shave happens. Then I will bin it after The previous number from then on. Feather is 2 and out. Polsilver SI is 4 and out for example.
I have found blades even the same brands and styles may vary slightly. I have gotten 5 good shaves with a blade but then later on use a similar blade and get a good 20 shaves. I just go by feel, if I get even a little tugging I insert the blade into the blade slot in my cabinet. I have replaced a few blades when I feel it has worn it's welcome.

I use shavette and dual edge blades in my shaves. My dual edge 90% of the time gets the area between my lower lip and just under my chin against the grain. A majority of the shaving is done with the shavette both with and against the grain.
I've realized that if I want constant quality shave experience I'll have to change blades more often. For me it means after a 3rd use the latest.
I don't have a system but I find some of my brands last longer (or shorter) than other brands. I always rinse my razor well under warm/hot water and keep the razor loose when put back on the stand. Don't wipe blades. I usually go 4-5 shaves on most blades and then they're disposed. The last shave where I know the blade is done is obvious to me - it simply resists the excellent cutting and smoothness I expect and get from fresh blades.
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