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Kudos to Penhaligons

I recently ordered a sampler of our favorite perfume house Penhaligon's. I must say, the samples they sent me were VERY generous in size, much larger than either Trumpers or T&H or for that matter, any other brand I use frequently. The presentation is very neat and the fragrances are, well, outstanding.

I can tell they just do it right. For the cost of their colognes, they are very generous with their freebies. (That's probably to get u hooked) :wink:

Once I try some samples, I'll be ordering a bottle very soon.
I agree. The samples that Penhaligons provides are very generous. Considering my rotation of colognes and the fact that I usually wear only a dab or two, the samples will last quite some time.
My complimentary Penhaligon's samples arrived yesterday (Opus 1870, Endymion, Blenheim Bouquet, and English Fern). I'm wearing the Opus today, and the only reason I haven't purchased an ocean liner full of this stuff is because I need to try the other samples first. The sample vials are incredibly generous.
blueasajewel said:
I wrote to Penhaligon's a couple of days ago and haven't heard back - do they reply?

They took about a week for me, but they did write back and said they would send some samples out.

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