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Kabrand Three Piece any Info?

Picked this up on ebay last night, It looks nice but I can't find any info. The seller simply stated,
"This is a listing for Kabrand open comb three piece razor, a Gillette old type razor, in mint NOS condition, no flaws. I do not have any history on this piece except that it was made and marketed in France."

Looks to me like the head is similar to a new type. Any comments or info Guys?

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This looks like an old type. The head reminds me of the "best British product" (made in Australia). You have some French writing on the box. What's written under the head?

Do you have any other interesting stuff written on the box?
I don't have it in my hands yet. also the auction page had this;

"Questions from other members
Q: Are the blades the readily available "double edge" variety,or the very old type that are no longer made? Thanks
A: The blades are the readily available "double edge" variety like the Personna double edge blades available at Walmart.
Aug 08, 2009 "
Not much more I can add. It is indeed a French design. Kabrand produced several models as this is the fourth different design I have seen. The head design on yours is very similar to the Gillette New Improved with the flat guard plate and positioning pins. In fact, it is so similar that it is probably from the late 40's to early 50's, a period soon after the patent on the New Improved expired.
Thanks for your reply guys, being a newbe and a vetern lurker of this sight, I was hoping for a response. The proof is in the shave on any razor, but your comments put me at ease when its time to put the steel to the skin.

With that said this will be my first New Improved type. Any suggestions on how to handle it? My '41 Milord that i have with Astra's reqires a very light touch, while a SS or Tech with the same is very mild on my face. I'm guessing this razor, the Kabrand, will reqire more caution, but excellent results.

Again thank you "Southern and Super Southern" Gentleman for your replies.
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