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Join Us for the Badger & Blade July 4th Cookout


Aaron Scissorhands
Chili dogs, Bush's baked beans, Fritos, homemade ice cream and an ice cold watermelon is our tradition.

For years we did a big fish fry but our posse is much smaller now.
Of course, the ice cream.


I’ll be working, worrying about whether or not the fireworks drive my cats crazy. This is not a fun time of year for pet owners.


Aaron Scissorhands
I’ll be working, worrying about whether or not the fireworks drive my cats crazy. This is not a fun time of year for pet owners.
More pets run away during the 4th. I'm always concerned a bottle rocket is going to land on my roof.


Fussy Evil Genius
We just decided to toss some chicken legs on the pit.

We'll make a grocery run, too, so who knows what might come home with us (along with the ice cream, of course).


Aaron Scissorhands
This is what I got. Brisket, ribs, pulled pork, Pennys tater salad and pinto/black beans.

Ice cream to follow.

20200704_155742.jpg 20200704_155751.jpg 20200704_155755.jpg 20200704_155757.jpg


Self Ignored by Vista
Looks like some good stuff going on, but I'm full.

On deck.


On the lump charcoal fawr with some corn on the cob.


Plated with some green beans and squash from the garden. Looks like I hit medium rare.

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Dang, I didn’t think to take pictures.

The wife made German potato salad. I made boiled corn on the cob, and T-bones from the grass fed quarter beef I bought in March (done medium) on the Weber kettle grill, Kingsford charcoal and an electric charcoal starter. Mmm good. Watermelon on the side, I had a Great Lakes Eliot Ness to wash it down, and a store bought apple pie and ice cream for dessert. Good meal for the holiday

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
Many fond memories of July 4 holidays on Cape Cod. Traditional clam bake fire pit on the beach. A few dozen New England Yankees and Boston Irishmen drunkenly engaging in Wampanoag cultural appropriation as the hot rocks and seaweed steamed the clams, potatoes, corn, & lobsters. Not this year. Just a couple hotdogs on the gas grill in the back garden with my wife.


Alfred Spatchcock
It all looks good. I had family in so we spent more time watching the young ones splashing around the pool, fishing and visiting than cooking. Burgers on the grill for lunch. Chili Dogs for dinner. Fresh S. Carolina peach homemade ice cream to chase it all down with.
Bought a new Weber propane grill Friday to suit my new house. Broke her in yesterday by smoking baby back ribs for 5 hours. Complimented with grilled sweet corn and a root beer. No BBQ sauce required
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