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James Bond and the overwhelmed straight razor company?

I was born at the end of 1970 and my Jodie Foster crush began with Candleshoe, whatever year that was. Fast forward to a Mom's night out and there's Jodie about to shave Richard Gere. I lean over and out the side of my mouth "not even Jod..."
The elbow.
The giggles.
At my age I have very different reasons for wondering whether I'd live through anything involving close proximity to a life long crush.
It was Skyfall. If you search "James Bond straight razor scene" on youtube it's there.

I assume the article is talking about Dovo. No idea about the accuracy of the numbers though.

Edit: I see @Ice-Man beat me to it.
I have read online that the razor used in Skyfall was a Dovo Solingen Inox 41-5855 Buffalo Horn Stainless Steel Straight Razor. I have this particular razor, although that is where my similarity to James Bond hits a brick wall (as did my written-off Aston Martin DB5...lol). It is a good performing razor.
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