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James Bond and the overwhelmed straight razor company?

Mike M

...but this one IS cracked.

I don't remember people rushing out to buy straight razors when they saw them in Matrix Reloaded
In the last season of Dexter. Dexter's son carries a straight for protection. The son is show weilding it a couple of times.

Mike M

...but this one IS cracked.
I believe Bumpy Johnson bumped someone off with a straight...

Does anyone see a theme developing here with straight razors.
I'm glad I had not started to shave with a straight razor before reading Stephen King's The Dark Half. Otherwise, I might have been just a tad skeptical about the monster's razor parting clothing and the torsos beneath, with such ease.
I was watching The Green Mile the other night while working my nightshift and there was a scene where a guy gets his head shaved with a straight prior to being executed in the electric chair. The shaving angle was wrong though.
Shows with straight razor shaving? In Episode 1 of "1883" Faith Hill's character shaves her husband's beard while they are both in the tub together... Pay no attention to the fact that she cleans the lather off by submerging the whole razor in the bathwater before resuming his shave. Boy, if my wife ever did that I'd get really upset, jump out of the tub and start drying the razor with a hairdryer while giving her a lecture about proper razor care and the damage that could be done to a razor, the effect of oxidation and rust, etc.. But if Faith did that I'd probably tell her it was okay, no harm no foul, I've got other razors, or it wasn't my favorite razor anyway and let her off with just a spanking.
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