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J.B. Williams & Co. business card 1870

This is the oldest 'Williams' collectible in my collection. The 3"X5" card has an incorrect date of establishment (1845) printed on the front. The flip side of the card has a price list and makes mention that J.B. Williams & Co. has been in business for thirty years. IMG_1137.JPG IMG_1138.JPG
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Amazing! The rarest business card I have is from the ‘50’s and is for a tattooer in Chicago. Not as old or as pretty as this though
Thank you. It kind of reminds me of old currency. I am a little surprised that they messed up the date on the card.

Would love to get a look at their Pocket Shaving Soap and Clipper Shaving Soap. Never knew they existed.
sarimento1 - Your shaving pictures are awesome. They'd look great in a 'coffee table' book.

Here's a puck of that famous 'Yankee Soap' everyone talks about, though I think this one was made about twenty years or so after the J.B. Williams & Co. business card was printed. IMG_1133.JPG
i wonder if there was some sort of corporate re-org in 1845.
originally company was advertised as williams & bros.
I was going to ask this yesterday. This is pre LLC. Companies were partnerships or pooled investors. It looks to like the Williams brothers wanted to go their separate ways and J.B. found some investors to buy them out.
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