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It died

The knot fell out of my beloved Semogue 830. Is there any good epoxy at Walmart that I can use? How do I repair it?
I have seen mention of Devcon 5 minute epoxy on this forum, I recently used Gorilla Epoxy 5 minute with success and there is one other that has the 2 separate bottles called Stick Fast. Walmart most likely will have Gorilla products.
Same thing happened to my Omega. Used Gorilla and it worked out fine. Six monthe .. and county...no problems. Just make sure you clean out the old glue before you glue in the knot.

If it's your first time glueing a knot in it is easy to use too much epoxy (or too little now that I've scared you about using too much). Have a plan in place to clean up the stuff that squishes out. Do a dry fit before you attempt to glue so you know how far down is "all the way". It may be totally unnecessary but I will often cut the corner off a plastic baggies and push the base of the knot through leaving the hairs covered in plastic. This just keeps me from getting epoxy in places I don't want it.

I think any two part epoxy will do but I like the 5 minute stuff (loctite has some that works well). Make sure you mix it well and don't overfill the hole. I try to coat the sides top to bottom and dribble a little at the bottom so when I push the knot in it slides easy and I am pushing the epoxy down instead of waiting for it to squish up.
Any water proof epoxy will be fine.
The 24 hour epoxy is about 2x stronger than the 5 minute kind. Not sure it makes any difference for a brush though :)
You can even use silicon caulking for a week or two.

Ps: just use a little bit. It squishes out onto the lower part of the knot easily. The knot still works fine. It just looks ugly...
I read your original post too quickly and I thought you were saying that your knot fell apart. Here I was imagining you trying to glue the fibers back one by one.

Must be one great brush!!
What a great chance to contact Rudy Vey or Wild West Brush works and get a custom handle....regards, an enabler.
Don't tempt me! lol.

Thank for all the help. I'll pick up some stuff tonight and attempt the repair. I'll let you know how it goes.
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