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Is There Difference between Personna Lab Blue and Medical Prep?

No difference in performance. And, as most members will point out, you'll be able for find Labs at a cheaper price.
Look at the magnified photos in another thread on this topic. The two blades have been honed very differently. Doesn't mean that they aren't both really good blades.
Pics gone, though I saw them before. I would strongly argue against the notion of using such a tiny sample size (one blade of each type) as any kind of basis for proof. The differences that were shown in the linked thread could simply be the grinding wheels wearing down over time. If you take one blade off the grinders and examine it, then let 10,000 more blades go through then grab a second one to examine, I'm sure they'll look like different blades under the microscope.

The important evidence is Personna says the Lab and the Med are the same blade, just that the Med gets an extra clean. Imho, case closed.
Yes. I've used both, they felt completely different. I preferred the labs.

There's a thread around here somewhere that shows them magnified, they look to have completely different edges under magnification.
I won't link since it's to another shaving forum (not sure if that's kosher or not), but if you search for Squire's Blade Reviews you can find pictures.

Yes it's a small sample size, and yes Personna says they are the same, but the pictures show them being different. If one is different who says more aren't? Someone in the thread made a good point: even if they are made to the exact same specifications using the exact same materials, these two blades are made in either different factories/machines (don't remember which) so small differences (microscopic) will naturally be present.
Haven't tried a Lab... I don't think anyway, but the Meds are the nicest blades I've tried. Sell me yours if you don't care for em!
Hi again.
Reason why I asked is that I have the lab blues and they don't work well for me at all (feel dull and they tug/pull ... worse than any other blade I tried).
The med-preps get such rave reviews on the other hand that I got curious.
If someone could spare me a few (I will pay cost and shipping of course) I'd be much obliged.
Being a newbie, I don't have much to offer in return besides a hearty thank you.
I've tried the labs. Great blade.

I have many, many meds. Super great blade.

I can tell a difference, basically the med is smoother for me.

The lab is a great blade in its own right, though.

I don't like either blade, but they did feel different to me. I also saw those pictures before when they were posted and it did not look like it would simply be from the equipment wearing after a few thousand blades. The bevels and grind were different.
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