Is there anyone who uses Arko exclusively?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Nicholas, Mar 16, 2019 at 1:18 PM.

    Yes, Arko thread no. 372578.

    Is there anyone? If so, I have an honest question for you.

    Why don't you post daily that this is the only soap you actually need for a great shave? I mean new posts and threads every day, why don't you spam every soap thread?

    I have this soap in my den since 2012 I think, but only lately started to truly appreciate it. Really, it feels awkward when you compare it to premium soaps because they perform alike. I even like the scent a lot. If you like the scent and care about the result more than the journey, the hype etc., why do you use other soaps? I stopped caring about the "journey" a long time ago, I only want good and close shaves. This soap gives amazing shaves. Don't be a snob!

    There were times I used the Arko and a vintage Schick or a Rockwell 6S and I enjoyed my shaves more than when I used my Wolfmans and premium soaps. The answer to great shaves is definitely not the expensive equipment.

    Big Arko fan here.
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  1. Same here. I'll never buy another brand of soap. I'm open to PIF's, of course, I'm dense but not stupid.
  2. I was an Arko only guy for a while. Then I acquired a large quantity of samples as well as winning a premium soap in the raffle at a meet. Now I plaster ~ 1 cc globs of some of the new soaps onto my Arko stick and use it as an applicator. This way of using the high end soaps has the advantage that approximately once a week I break through to the Arko and rediscover how well it compares to soaps that cost ten to twenty times as much. I have since won another premium soap at another meet raffle, so it seems to be good luck as well.:001_rolle
  3. An Arko start today with a double dose of Clubman. Life is good.
  4. It's on my list to try. If I like it I will consider using it exclusively. Other contenders, Williams, Cella and Palmolive and Molle. I do tend to standardize on things that are my favorites, so I may become a one soap man someday. Tried and True and Few is what I'm living by.
  5. Arko is good shave soap but, I like to rotate my soaps & razor's to keep from getting bored.
  6. Arko is great but scent is less appealing. Super cheap and lasts forever. Bought a few shave sticks a while back and can’t imagine I’ll need more for another many years.

    That said, I personally found other soaps better.
  7. Arko fan here. Can't use it everyday, honestly I can't use any soap everyday but I appreciate Arko.
  8. I use Akro every day. Started using it a few years ago and haven't found anything that works better for me. I even use it when I shower shave with my electric.
  9. Careful with heretical truths as you'll tear a gaping hole in the wet shaver economic space-time continuum!!! :wacko: :yikes: ;)

    As regards pure shaving performance it works great. It will probably still be around when 99% of artisans are out of business.
  10. I like Arko a lot and I could or would use it exclusively if I didn’t have a stash of Williams to use up .I go back and forth between the two 3017ing each as I go. I would be happy with Arko forever though.
  11. This forum is full of threads about using just one product - blade, soap, whatever - for extended periods. I just don't get it at all. Our brains must be wired in a different way. For me restricting my shaving to one product is like asking a claustrophobic person to go potholing....
  12. There is no debate (IMHO): Arko performs!! Definitely one of the best values in traditional shaving!!

    The only question is the scent: love it or leave it.
  13. Arko or Tabac stick is what I grab for face lathering.
  14. It will be a sad time in the wet shaving community if that ever comes to pass.

    I don't ever want to return to the days of fewer than 400 good-to-great soaps on the market ever again.
  15. +1. The difference between the best artisans and Arko, Cella, Tabac and all the other mass market soaps is NOT subtle....
  16. Guys who have 50 razors or 50 brushes and only use Williams or Arko will say those that have 50 soaps are the real wackos. :lol1:

    People with one soap, one brush, one razor, one blade, one AS look most out of place around here.

  17. Fatboy

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    I used it exclusively for about 2 years and then the RAD bug bit. Got great shaves every day and it is a permanent stick in my rotation. I also listed it as my "desert island" soap in another thread. Great soap that get's maligned too much.
  18. Yeah. I flamed out of the FFFMM after two shaves. The whole fun of this type of shaving is the variety of soaps/blades etc that I have.
  19. There are far better options out there with better ingredients who benefit the skin. And for about the same cost.
    From my experience, Arko really dries the face. Not to mention most people can't stand it's scent.
    YMMV of course and if you like it, I'm the last person to tell you to do otherwise.

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