Is Nivea the best balm for the money?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by Shavetheman01, Nov 12, 2018.

    I generally get the Nivea Sensitive from my local drugstores. The liquid aftershaves are drying and I feel like they can make irritation worst sometimes.

    Would you recommend any good balms? I got the Nivea as a starting point
  1. Soap Commander and Stirling make great balms.
  2. Nivea Sensitive is the best value for money that I've found, but I'm not very adventurous with the shopping side of things. When I've found something that works, I stop looking.
  3. Soap Commander and Stirling make great balms. I'll second that! makes a excellent balm.. stealth mode $$

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  4. Pacific Shaving for something affordable and often available locally.
  5. Nivea Sensitive Balm is a great value for balms that is readily available for purchase. I performs as well as any balm I have tried.
  6. Nivea is great. Aqua Velva 5 in 1 Balm and Duke Cannon Ice Cold Balm are also good options for the price.
  7. I picked up some Duke Cannon locally and love it! It has a pretty decent price point and just the right amount of menthol. It doesn't dry my face at all. (YMMV, of course.)
  8. YKMV

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    Try the Aqua Velva Sensitive 5-in-1 balm.. very nice and very effective against summertime sweat burns.
  9. The artisan soap shoppe balm is awesome! It's thinker and longer lasting on the face than the Nivea. I like the nivea and the wife loves there scent on the Nivea. The *** balm had a smidge of alcohol in it but overall very moisturizing, worth a shot for $10.

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  10. Yes, for the money you can't go past Nivea AS Balm. I've tried quite a lot of other AS's but now I only buy other AS's for the novelty of their smells. Even so, I would say Nivea has the best or at least equal face feel and moisturizing as the others.
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    Just a moisturizer, but it's the best one for me. I've used it for years. Tried lots of others, but keep returning to this.

    I usually buy it on Amazon.

    Cremo + Bay Rum (favorites). 480:Small..JPG

    My usual splash is followed by the Cremo. If I want an actual balm (moisturizer + aftershave) I mix the two in my palm for a second.

    Happy shaves,

  12. That's one I haven't tried
  13. Van Der Hagen sent me a bottle of their post shave soothing balm and I use it on the rare occasions I have a irritating shave. It's effective. Might be harder to find than Nivea.
  14. My three favorites .....

  15. Uncas

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    Proraso crema liquida
    Nivea sensitive
    La Toja balsamo
    In no particular order.
  16. Nivea is a great value.

    Tabac makes an excellent balm I like to pair with their soap. It's pricey, but very little goes a long way.
  17. Nivea is ok but personally prefer Stirling.
  18. I have been using these two aftershaves together for the past couple of years.

    A splash of this immediately post-shave (I'm a junkie for menthol) [​IMG]

    followed by Neutrogena Post shave lotion/balm. [​IMG]

    I just did a Google search on Neutrogena and it seems they are discontinuing the Razor Defense line. It's a shame. It worked wonderfully for me. I have enough to last me about a year and will have to experiment with new products going forward.
  19. Very available at local Walgreens and other stores, a good value and it works as designed. I also like the fact that it has very minimal scent so it doesn't impact my after shave selection of the day.

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