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Iotn 7/10/06 - 7/16/06

OK, follks, here is your thread this week for that great meal, drink, smoke, whatever that you want other people to drool over. Enjoy!
Well I have great coffee every day, here is a sample of my daily coffee intake.
Cheers, DJ.:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
Sorry about the file size.
Austin said:
I usually drink black coffee only but that looks yummy.

I drink my coffee black as well, but I have to check my Baristas skills sometimes. I know its a tough job.:biggrin: :biggrin:
Cheers, DJ.
Not so much of an indulgence. More like starting the week out right. I get tons of compliments both good and bad. And yes even the Pat Boone one's!



BTW- Great looking latte. Add about a pound of sugar and yourself got a good looking cafe cubano.
rikrdo said:
Is that from your personal machine???
If so......what the heck is it?
Great lookin' java, man !!

No, its a custom built machine called a "STRONG" and it lives at my shop, it is a PID controlled machine w/ mini boilers for each group head, and the drinks looked better when they where freshly poured. ( they sat about ten min. before I snapped the pics.)
Cheers, DJ.
Well, it may be cheating to post the indulgence before it actually happens, but I'm excited nonetheless for tonight's dinner:

--> Broiled flank steak (been marinating in olive oil, soy sauce, and garlic all last night)
--> New potatoes with basil
--> Sauteed baby artichokes
--> Artisan bread from the market down the street
Let's see. Couldn't get a picture tonight. I rounded up the last of the fresh peas from my garden, cooked down some shallots in butter, added broth and the pureed peas. Cooked that out, strained it and added some cream for an awesome fresh pea soup. Sweet and creamy and totally unlike the usual pea soups made with the dried product. As an offset to the soup's sweetness, I crisped up some prosiutto di parma and crackled that over the top. To die for.
Well after drinking coffee all day ( its my job ) you just need a little something to take the edge off.:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
Cheers, DJ.

No, I have the pipe standing by already loaded up w/MacBaren's Vanilla Cream..

think i'll light it now.. :wink:
All right DJ - your coffee pics forced me to do this... :biggrin:

DJ was kind enough to let me sample his (EXCELLENT) espresso blend. So, tonight I had a pipe filled with "Frogmorton Across the Pond" and this:

Start of the shot with S1 set to 199 deg. F:


10 seconds in:


15 seconds in:


20 seconds:


26 seconds (end of pull):


End of shot (starting to settle):


Shot plus 20 seconds:


Drink UP!


For all of you who want some excellent coffee. Let me tell you... It doesn't get much better than this. A fresh-roasted (post roast blend) that is long on buttery balance with a fabulous (and long-winded) aftertaste. With a pipe... HEAVEN! :001_wub:
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Hey Howard, thats funny I have those very same cups at home. I am glad you are enjoying the espresso.:001_smile
Cheers, DJ.


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I don't know if I have room for any more hobbies, but those pics make me yearn to be a coffee geek.:tongue_sm
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