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Interesting Blade Source

Prices are on the highside for DE blades. Don't know about SEs.

Prices for SE blades are in the middle. I was looking at the GEM PTFE coated blades. These are the same blades that are sold by some vendors at GEM blades by Personna. They also are the same blade that are marketed at the Ted Pella PTFE blade.

Buying them as GEM Personnas in 5 packs you pay almost $70 per hundred. From Pella is like $34 for 2 boxes of 100 blades each. Here you pay $23 per hundred. That is not a bad deal for a guy who wants to just buy 100 rather than 200 that Pella requires.

And as far as shaving it has been my experience that these are great blades. I have tried them all. Be aware, what works for me may not work for you.
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