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    the DOMAN is unfamiliar , would like to see it reviewed !
  2. Here is the review of Doman cream

    This is a cheapish cream by Indian standards. 120 gms for 18 Rupees (30 cents).

    The packaging of the tube is pretty bland. No mention of the ingredients so I am not sure what it contains or what it's properties are.

    Warm water and my trusted 2 band badger brush to go for this review today.


    Small quantity of cream.


    Started to work up lather. Took a long time to lather. About 5 minutes of trying to build up lather I gave up. It wasn't going to lather any more than this.


    After 1st pass.the amount of lather was unsatisfactory so had to add more cream to build some more lather.

    After 2nd pass.

    Residual lather after 3rd pass.

    Amount of lather - very average. Had to put in a lot of effort to build a decent lather. I started off with a not too wet brush and had to continually add water to get this much quantity of lather.

    Quality of lather - the lather produced was on the dry side. It didn't even last for 1 minute on the face. Had to reapply lather between the passes as well. It was very difficult to get the right balance with this cream.

    Slickiness- not impressed with the slickness of the cream on more than 1 ocassion my razor stick to the skin. The razor was a qshave (merkur clone).

    Scent - it smells like an industrial soap. Somewhere between a floor cleaner and dishwash gel.

    Post shave feel- I did not feel too dry after the shave. I had a well moisturised face.

    Verdict - a horrible cream and its going to be binned.
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    Nice , honest review googlechap !!
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    Thanks for the review.
  5. Today's review
    Vicco Turmeric Cream

    Gear used -
    1. Vicco Turmeric cream
    2. Repurposed soup bowl for lathering
    3. Wilkinson Sword Boar hair brush (which I picked a couple of years ago from UK)
    4. QShave (Merkur clone Razor)
    5. Gillette 7'0 Clock super platinum (Black)
    6. 4711 Cologne

    Started off with a well soaked brush (it was soaked overnight). Water was warm to being with but it was cold by morning. Drained the brush well.

    A small amount of cream in the bowl
    The cream is yellow in color and I don't know if it's just for me the cream is hard and it takes a minute or two before it's loaded completely on to the brush.
    It takes a while to lather and it's advisable to start with a not too wet brush, adding water as you go on until you get a lather of your liking.

    After 5 minutes a bowl-ful of lather is ready.
    And I just love the quality of lather. It's consistency is somewhere between whipped cream and yogurt. Whipping up this cream is divine ;) and I can go on and on....
    Before 2nd Pass
    Before 3rd Pass
    Quality of lather and face feel - The lather coats the face in a nice thick layer. When you apply the lather it gives a cooling sensation on the face. However the cooling is a gentle one and not like menthol creams and disappears quickly.

    Slickness - The cream is very slick, Razor just glides right through at each pass. If you need to go over the same area a number of times even if there is no cream then no problem.

    Scent - This cream has a strong polarizing scent. It will stay on your face for up to an hour after the shave and on your brush for next 2 shaves. I love this scent - it's oriental and I can definitely smell sandalwood in it.

    Post shave feel - the blade I used today is on it's 4th shave (3 passes each) and I could not feel any razor burn or nicks. Face didn't feel dry after using this cream. I applied cologne and no burning sensation. It says on the back of pack that no post shave treatment is needed and it's true.

    Verdict - This is a cream I use the most. It's one of the more expensive creams in indian market, 80 Rupees ($ 1.2) for a 70 gms tube but if you can stand the scent it's a must buy.
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    Beautiful lather, is it possible some of the scent is from turmeric ?
  7. Indeed that lather is great. So rich that you can play around swirling your brush for hours and not get bored. It's like PlayDoh :)

    Turmeric - either raw or dried has little or no smell. It's got color and antiseptic properties.
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    must depend on growing area...The fresh ground turmeric powder I buy in Tanzania has a strong bitter- sweet- herbaceous aroma....In fact , it's great in turmeric cakes.
  9. I didn't know Turmeric was grown outside the indian subcontinent. Well, you learn something new everyday.

    The turmeric used in India is well dried in the sun. Strong sunlight around 35 degrees centigrade for a month or so then ground into a fine power for use in curries or skin care preparations.

    A month under the sun makes whatever aroma is in the freshly harvested spice disappear.

    It's said it's got healing properties - as a child when I hurt myself, my mother used to dissolve a teaspoon of turmeric in a big glass of milk. It used to taste disgusting. Before Dettol/Savlon took over the Indian medicine cabinets, Turmeric mixed with water into a paste was applied on wounds to prevent any infection and help with healing.
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    Thanks for the review. Vicco creams seem to be increasing in popularity these days.
  11. Thanks for the review.
  12. Anyone tried the Indian Old Spice?

    That's the one foreign cream I didn't like, barely any protection
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    I've tried the lather and the lime versions, I think there is a third variety... It's "OK" cream, about in the league of ARKO or DERBY creams , not the best , but it will get the job done....
  14. I've used the original version. It lathers well.

    Has a woody Oriental scent.

    Not very slick, on a scale of 1-10 it's a 6.

    I found it to be an overall average performer. It's a okay cream to have in your rotation.
  15. I used the vicco today and got a bad cut on my moustache area. It simply couldn't provide the same cushioning and glide like godrej and omega.
  16. I’m loving this thread. I was in India last year, and went to a few shops to get shaving gear. I found all of the creams I’ve purchased to be very good.
  17. I wonder if Blue Stratos cream is still around. I got the AS which is still being made by menenzis at Goa plant but not a word about cream.
  18. Looks like you’re right. Did a google search and couldn’t find the cream anywhere. Will have to see if it’s available in my local store.
  19. If you get it please can you pick a couple of tubes for me as well.
  20. Sure, no problem.:thumbsup:
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