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    No, hunk is a plastic tube. It's almost twice as long as the other tubes I have despite carrying 120 ml.

    Upon closer inspection I found out that the Palmolive red is made in Italy and imported by Palmolive India, this is a metal tube. I Don't understand why they had to do this.
  1. Hi guys,

    Does anyone know if the spice scent is back in the Old Spice shaving cream or is it still scentless? It used to smell so good back when Menezes was manufacturing the stuff for P&G.
  2. Review of Hunk shaving cream


    I used my Yaqi 2 band badger and a repurposed soup bowl as my shaving bowl.

    Warmed up the brush and bowl by soaking for 10 minutes.

    Took a small amount of cream. I had to really force the cream out of tube as it was on the dry side.


    Whisked up the lather for about 3-4 minutes.

    Volume of the lather was very good. 3rd pic shows the final amount of lather.

    4th pic is my brush upside down

    5th pic is after applying 2nd pass.

    6th pic is after applying the 3rd pass.

    7th pic is the residual lather after all passes

    Scent- this cream smells really clean. It's got a lemony scent. But the lemony scent is sharp and not sweet. Almost smells in between dishwash liquid and Godrej lime. However that's just me, my wife found the scent to be amazing. Almost edible was her comment :)

    Cushion provided by the lather is great.

    Slick - I did not find this to be a slick cream. On a scale of 1 to 10 this was about a 6.

    Post shave feel - my skin felt toned post shave and I can still smell the scent 15 minutes after the shave. Didn't dry out the face.

    Final verdict - I would not use this cream every day, purely because of the scent.
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  3. Are there any good soaps aside from the Godrej puck?

    Or is India basically a cream country?
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    Excellent and informative post googlechap !
  5. 99.9% it's a cream+gel+foam country.

    Really difficult to find Godrej puck as well.
  6. Today's review is of a shave gel not a cream

    Smart way gel

    I picked up a tube of this from a shave supply wholesaler who supplies to local Barber shops in my city. Price for a tube is 10 Rupees or 13 cents.

    Using my Bombay shaving company synthetic brush, and a yintal razor with a V 12 blade on its second shave.

    Heat up the bowl, brush and razor in water with temp of 50 degrees centigrade.

    A small amount of gel in the bowl with about half teaspoon of water.

    Whisked up lather for 3 minutes.


    Found the lather to be voluminous but it had lots of air which I could not get out no matter how much I whisked.

    This lather made my brush rather floppy and foam went all over the place when I was applying. Maybe I should have used less water

    Here is the residual lather after 1st pass

    Here is the residual lather after 2nd pass

    Here is the lather after last pass

    What I found out was that I needed to let the lather dry out a minute between the passes.

    Volume of lather - massive

    Cushion - not great but not bad either

    Slickiness - given the airy lather I didn't think it his would be slick but boy I was wrong. The razor just glided over the skin getting progressively better with every pass. By the end of 3rd pass which was ATG I felt as if there was no blade in the razor.

    Post shave feel - absolutely zero razor burn. Skin didn't dry out. Finished the shave by applying alum and no burn. Used my 4711 cologne and no burn either.

    Scent - this smells very similar to Gillette gels only a bit stronger scent.

    Final verdict - I didn't expect this great a shave but what I have is a BBS with absolutely zero burns.
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    Try applying this one to a wet face by hand, just massage it in and see if you can get a nice brushless shave...
  8. That looks mouthwatering !!:a14:
  9. Spoiler

    Review coming in 24 hours[​IMG]
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  11. Review of Topaz Lemon Shaving cream

    Topaz is a well known brand of blades in India, I’ve seen my grandfather use topaz blades about 20 years ago but I never knew they made creams as well. I picked up this tube of cream last evening from a shaving supply shop for Rupees 30 (45 cents). I found out that Topaz and Laser are owned by the same company (Laser shaving products).

    Disclaimer : I had already got myself a BBS in the morning and since it was only 8 hours since the last shave but I wanted to review this therefore I whisked up a lather and used a razor without the blade. i.e. It was a dummy shave (does this term actually exist?) . I did not use any pre-shave or post-shave treatments.

    Equipment used –

    Topaz Lemon shaving cream

    Yaqi 2 Band badger brush

    Yintal Razor (without a blade)

    Here is the presentation and packing of the tube. I am seeing some ingredients for very first time – Tacopheryl Acetate (Or Vitamin E), Aloe Barbedensis (Or Aloe Vera).


    Soaked the brush in hot water for 10 minutes, I did not intend to bowl lather and decided to palm lather.

    First impression – there was a fair bit of air inside the tube and the cream is very runny. A light squeeze of the tube and a larger than usual quantity of cream blobs out to my plam as if the tube had diarrhea.


    Decided to start with a well drained brush. Start to whisk up lather and although this cream started off dry and start adding water as I progressed. I was surprised with the volume of lather which was produced. Kept adding water and kept working up the lather and it just kept going until I was able to cover my palm, back of hand, entire forearm in lather and still had enough lather left to whisk up my face. I will let the pictures do the talking.
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Quality of lather was excellent – thick, cushioning and did not dry out my face after the shave.

    Smell – This is the most unique lemony scent. All the lemon creams I’ve tried are either sharp or smell like dishwash liquid. This one smelled almost edible!

    The mellow smell along with the thick and spikey (or peaky) lather makes feels like you have LEMON MERINGUE PIE on your face.

    I used this cream again the next morning for a proper 2 pass shave and I did get a great shave. The cream was slick and the razor did glide effortlessly. Skin did not feel dry and a couple of hours after the shave my skin still feels supple.

    Verdict – This cream just hits the ball out of the stadium with the volume of lather it produces, it’s smell, ingredients and post shave feel. If you can get a tube, try it out blindly.
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  12. Do you find just using creams good enough? Or do you also try Pre-shave oil?

    I normally get soap pucks for slickness, but some creams like Dettol have worked really well for me
  13. I use PSO as well. Not much of a choice in oils in India though.
  14. No matter how good a cream or soap is - it's important to make sure that you prep for the shave well. Since I've taken up DE Shaving I have never gone without pre shave - be it an oil or a moisturizer or a cream.
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    googlechap.... is there an online vendor who will ship to the U.S. ??
  16. I don't know. What is that you want to buy?
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    The Topaz...looks good !
  18. Indeed I am impressed by this cream. I doubt it will be available online. Couldn't find any on very unlikely that it will be available to be shipped to Conus.
  19. Which of these would you like to be reviewed next?[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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