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Incredible List of Solingen Cutlers

I'm primarily interested in Sheffield Cutlers but I stumbled across this excellent concise source of a large number of Solingen Cutlers. I was doing research on a razor I acquired this past weekend that I had not encountered before, a Pollart.
Through this list I found this... Peter Pollart, Solingen in 1922 and 1925, Körnerstrasse 40 in 1939. Open-blade razor maker

Also a display ad from a periodical concerning Pollart...

Enjoy the list...http://www.archivingindustry.com/cutlers&toolmakers/razormakers.htm

Thank you to the researcher who deserves full credit for assembling it...:thumbup:
That list really emphasizes what a small subset of brands we deal with. And it is just Solingen.

I agree. I had not heard of Peter Pollart or the fact he worked in both Sheffield and Solingen until I snagged that razor this past weekend.

Another source that is REALLY fantastic for guys like myself who love the Old Obscure Sheffield and American Cutlers, Doyle's book on Straight Razor Collecting has a great list of such Gentlemen. (Which leads me to ask...Were there ANY female Cutlers of note?)
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