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In need if intensive care

Just picked up a new find at a car boot sale. One of a sorry lot that was left after the early birds got there.
Ill post some pics this afternoon but it's a Thiers Issard 55 frameback. It's seen some use so the blade (which was originally 7/8 down to 6/8) is now about 6/8 to 5/8 at the toe. Doesn't look too badly pitted after the initial de-scale and wire brush with the dremel so hopefully I'll make a shaver of it! Cost was €3.50 so about 4 of your US bucks! Can only imagine what other straights the old dear had already shifted, she said that she had a load at the beginning of the morning. Well I'll get on the wet and dry now and see what we can make her look like!

And I know, no pictures, it didn't happen!
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OK, didn't switch my PC on over the weekend and can't manage to upload from my iPhone so here are the pictures of my current salvage.... could have been a contender for scrap heap challenge! By the way, if anyone can give me a clue as to how to clean up the corner between the spine and the tang I'd be really grateful, can't get the sandpaper in and the dremel doesn't want to do it either.

It seems, from looking at the net, that the frame was originally plated and that the blade itself was blued to protect against rust. Well I've got the plating off and I as I don't think I'll manage to get it back to a mirror finish without some serious Dremel sanding I've decided that I'll rescale it at the weekend, hone it and shave with it.
Dude, you just started this addiction a few weeks back...guess you've got it bad, eh? ;)

Yeah and it isn't going to slow for the moment. SWMBO bought another two tops yesterday that I discovered this morning. Instead of a harsh reprimand I've catalogued them in the "Excuses for buying more straights" section of my brain!
Current stock of razors:

Sight Unseen Hagh of Chicago 5/8 - in active service
Fanal Solingen 6/8 - in active service
GD 66 homemade custom - WIP
GD 66 standard - waiting for deliverance
Thiers Issard "69" frameback - in intesive care
Generic Solingen - waiting refurb

in the post:
Dr Balfanz
Böker Red Injun
4 blades to rescale & hone
2 chipped blades to rescale and hone

All of this has cost me a just over a hundred bucks, have to figure in the washers, pins and acrylic but I'm sitting pretty at the moment!
guess you've got it bad, eh? ;)

He's got it GOOD. Never mess with your fun... have it and enjoy it. ;-}

Oh... as far as the blade itself - nice. If you stop now and rescale it, you will have won a small lottery. Good on ya.
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Oh... as far as the blade itself - nice. If you stop now and rescale it, you will have won a small lottery. Good on ya.
Yeah, the idea is to leave it like that, can't get all the dirt off it but it's gonna be a shaver, not a museum piece. In any case, the reflection of my shiny blades is blinding when I'm trying to shave! Quite like the distressed look, goes with my face!
Ok, still on track to scale her up this weekend, just missin the bloody acrylic! My washers arrived last week, my 2oz ball peen on Monday, my nickel silver and brass rods yesterday ..... Those all came from the US and are here sooner than the acrylic I ordered at the same time from the UK. Go figure.
Everything has now arrived, I have enough stuff to rescale about 60 razors! Should be able to learn how now. Here's to hoping I don't screw them all up. Pics will follow!
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