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Impressions of a Maggards boar-badger knot

Mine was junk.

Shed 10+ hairs per use... never stopped.

Smelled worse than any knot I've ever used... smell also never fully went away.

Hope others have better luck than I did.
I finally face shaved using the mix brush today (I was away for much of last week and hadn't had a chance to set the knot with silicon adhesive). I know this thing is nowhere near broken in yet, but I quite like it. It's got more backbone then the SHD badger knot I had tried before but still has some give. A little skritch but not annoyingly so. It's also a nice size for my face - the SHD iirc was too wide. It shed a little bit but I credit that to how I set the knot - a little twisting and shoving. It's now soaking in a little bit of water and shampoo to get rid of some funk smell - which tbh was nowhere near as bad as the smell my horsehair brush had out of the box. I'm quite looking forward to using it tomorrow.

Here's a pick right before the shave, in a Charcoal Goods aluminum handle:

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I must be one of the lucky ones because I have yet to purchase a badger or boar brush with an odor. Maybe by the time I get around to unpacking them and subjecting them to a soak in Dawn followed by a palm-lather with Proraso Red before using them for the first time, the animal funk has been conquered. Also, I grew up visiting my grandmother's farm so I know what real hogs smell like; these shaving brushes can't possibly come close to that.
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