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I'm in love!

Up until Friday the only razor in my arsenal was the Merkur 23C long handle. On Friday, the first of my purchases from the last couple weeks arrived. An I1 SS Flare Tip. It looked great. Needed a cleaning but other then that everything worked and I couldn't wait until I had a chance to give it a try. Due to me not getting around to cleaning it until after I shaved on the weekend, today was the first round with my new acquisition. Now right off the bat the first thing I noticed was the weight. Although smaller then the Merkur, it was definitely heavier. After lathering, I applied the SS to my face and it slid down so smoothly I had to check to make sure I'd gotten my angle right as it cut through my stubble like a hot knife through butter. In the end, although the end result was the same as any of my other shaves with the Merkur, it just felt different. I don't know if better is the word but the SS just seemed to glide smoother across my face. It was a great feeling and I think it will, for the time being (until my New, GEM 1912, Fatboy, Ballpoint Tech and Single Ring arrive anyway), be the one I`ll reach for in the morning.

Man I love this.
I'll admit it was quite an eye opener. I didn't really expect that different of an experience so I was pretty shocked. Makes me anxious to get my other ones as soon as possible so I can try them all.
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