Ilsa Drip Coffee Pot. Barley Maker.

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    For coffee I use an Ilsa, Napoletano Caffettiera, made in Italy. The kind that has the pouring pot upside down on the filter pot, and when the water is boiling the whole thing is flipped over to the correct position for the coffee to drip through the filter.
    I was throwing out the original cardboard box that it came in, and I read the printed description.
    It reads " Drip coffee and barley maker."

    Does anyone know what the "barley maker" bit refers to, any recipes, methods etc.?
    Not being familiar with Italian cookery I am completely in the dark
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  2. Only used mine for coffee

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    I've been wanting a Cuccumella pot for a long time , but these $15 dollar stainless steel pots ( in Italy ) add up to $60 or more with shipping, for a 2 or 3 cup ( espresso size cup ) size.....FUSARI also makes a nice SS pot... cuccamella.jpg
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  4. In WWII and the post war when there was little money or real coffee some would make "coffee" from roasted barley. There is an espresso drink called Caffè_d'orzo which I have never tried. If you have any barley you could try pan or oven roasting like is suggested here and see how it tastes, or try a coffee/barley blend.
  5. @StillShaving Many thanks for that information. I have heard of acorn coffee, and even tried dandelion root coffee. The dandelion was surprisingly good. But never thought of barley coffee.
    I am going to get some and give it a try.
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  6. Hello @malochio You are not alone when it comes to ridiculous postage rates.
    I paid around 25 English pounds for the Ilsa 3 cup version of the one in the photograph above by @Mick The postage from Italy was 12 pounds to the UK. Half the price of the pot. I searched for a long time before I eventually caved in and bought one.
  7. @malocchio Apologies, I spelt your name wrong before. See my message above.
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    no problem HelloCheeky.....I used to trade shave products all over the globe, the last 5 years postage rates have gone through the roof ...How do you like your caffettiera ??
  9. @malocchio Hello again.
    I have the Ilsa three cup model. Ilsa are talking about espresso sized cups , not mugs.
    It delivers 230 ml at one brew. This is enough to make two reasonable sized ordinary cups, by adding hot water to the cups and thinning down the brew. You have to fill the coffee filter/holder otherwise the hot water pours through too fast and you get a watery brew. So it is espresso strength or nothing.
    The build is solid, but shiny and stylish enough to go on the poshest of dining tables.
    No filters to change, no elements to burn out or glass to break. Hopefully built to last a life time (mine anyway) with no worries.
    I would definitely recommend one to anybody that wants a strong coffee. But watch out for the cup sizes.
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    yes ! I only drink espresso size or demi tasse size . I use a Turkish ibrik ,or Armenian cezve ,for making the coffee or occasionally a small French press for non "powder" grinds..

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