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If you had to give up your favorite......


Which would be the hardest for you?

My favorites right now are

Razor - Merkur LH Classic
Blade - 7AM Yellow (Didnt include LB Wilks, Swedes, or NOS Wilks as they are extinct)
Cream/Soap - Tabac soap
Brush - Shavemac silvertip

For me, the HD is a good substitute for the Classic, so not that one. The Iridium is similar to the 7AM Yellow so not that one either. Brushes for me dont really add that much to the shave after a certain price point, so not that one either.

Yes, its Tabac. I dont know another soap or cream that gives me such quality in a scent that I love so much. For me, as they say about Porsche -

Tabac. There is no substitute.
Blade would be the worst for me, no question. I can get acceptable results with almost any razor provided I get to choose the blade.


Razor: Merkur Futur
Blades: Crystals aka no-name IP's (Only for the Futur though)
Cream: Nancy Boy Signature
Brush: My Vulfix 376. It's a little on the floppy side but I swear it holds a gallon of water.
I would have to say blades, but then I'm quite comfortable with the razors I use. A new razor would take a bit of getting used to. :tongue:
Razor: NOS Case str8 Razor/ Gold Merkur Slant
Blade: Feather
Cream/Soap: Irisch Moos Shave Stick
Brush: NOS Old Spice
I learned wet shaving with feathers, and now my technique is catered to those super sharp blades, so I am currently incapable of getting a satisfactory shave with anything else.

I need my Feathers.
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I'm in razor flux right now, so I can't really answer that. The rest are pretty easy, though.

Cream: Trumper Coconut

Aftershave (can't forget that): Harris Pink

Brush: Simpson CH2 two-band; Plisson HMW 16 two-band horn runs an extremely close second, but I think I'd be more bereft if I had to give up the Simpson

Body Soap (as much a part of my grooming routine as any of the above): Santa Maria Novella carnation milk soap
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