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idiosyncrasies - one razor for the whole shave?

I use two. I have a couple of moles on my upper lip that I'm prone to nick with a safety razor, so I use a Sensor cartidge. I also use it to cut my sideburns straight, seems to work for some reason, probably pressure. I don't use it again in the shave. I must say, those cartridges last a long time. :001_smile
One razor per shave. I used to rotate every day, but I now use a razor for a week before rotating it out. I use a Saturday to Friday week.

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I mostly only use one. However, if buffing is needed I'll switch to a Razorock SLOC because they're great for that.
I’m a one razor per shave person. Blades on the other hand get switched out if they aren’t working for me. So far I’ve only had that happen twice
Some men use more than one razor for a shave? Never occurred to me, unless I do the very rare touch up with the disposable in the shower. But maybe I cheat a little since I use a Parker Variant adjustable. I vary settings between 1, 1.5 and 2 during the same shave, but I don’t always use all these settings, and when I do, they aren’t always in the same order.
What? Why would you not use a single razor for the entire shave? Absent some sort of malfunction (dropped it, broke it) what’s the problem? Why do some folks try and make shaving complicated? It’s just shaving, man.
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