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ID and cleaning this razor?

Alright I just picked this up for 10 bucks the guy didn't know what it was he just said a 1900s Gillette but I figured for 10 bucks why not. The handle is in good shape with almost no patina. However as you will see in the pictures the head is a little beat up all the teeth are straight however. Is there anyway to safely remove all this being that it is a gold razor or is replating the only option and if it is will it be worth it? Thanks.
There is plating loss on that head, indeed. Handle looks good.

You can clean your razor by first soaking it in hot water and Dawn dish soap. Lightly use a soft toothbrush to help knock off the crud. Then soak in scrubbing bubbles for 10 minutes and again use the toothbrush. Repeat as often as is necessary. You can also use toothpaste to restore the shine to the handle and what little plating is left on the head.

Replating would restore the razor to its original luster but would be costly.
any ideas as to the "name" gillette gave to this razor?

This set was called "NEW Bostonian"

Looking at a razor in as nice conditions as the one in the previous post makes me so sad that I can't just walk into a drug store and buy a brand new one. :sad:
Wow that is Beautiful...my case doesn't look nearly as nice. I just finished cleaning mine and I thought it looked ok until I saw yours...now I feel that I have to get it replated.
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