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I want to paint a cheap razor... ADVICE PLEASE

My newest razor love is a Rapira Platinum Lux head on a Yuma handle:

This combination works brilliantly for me. The thing is, I'd like it to look good too.

I thought it would be nice painted white, or red, or red white and blue even. Are there any suitable paints that I could use simply to brush on (you experts out there)?

I want something cheap and simple, that works. Any feedback appreciated, thank you. :001_smile
Grab some Testors and have at it. Give it a light sanding so the pain will stick. Heat setting the paint will make it more durable, get a toaster oven from the thrift shop or try a hair dryer. Get it around 140f for 20-30 minutes.
My advice... Don't do it. I Ceracoated a razor that I didn't want to go to the expense of replating. This is a gun or tool coating that is baked on and costs about $35 to do to a razor. All it did was buy me some time. Razor looks like crap again because of flaking coating. Learn to live with it is what I say. Not worth the trouble for a temporary fix. But, if you enjoy taking the time to continually strip, paint and maintain your stuff, have at it.
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I know this is off the wall but have you thought about plastidip. I used it for the Gillette guard mod and it's great stuff and you could always redip later if need be. It would certainly be different.
Many thanks for all your ideas, thoughts, advice, etc guys. I appreciate them. :thumbup1:

The trouble is, I've now contracted another AD. :whistling: IAD (Ideas Acquisition Disorder).

Well, you can't have too many razors, blades, etc, etc. So keep them ideas comin' please! :yesnod: :biggrin1:
I purchased a razor our of Asia just to give it a go. It was black and when I removed it from the retail box I immediately was hit with the standard smell of spray paint. Thinking it wouldn't last I used it off and on wondering when the day would come to throw it away. After a year of use all of the paint is still on, to my surprise. I can only assume it was a higher end spray paint but none the less it has held true as a travel razor. Just my two cents but good luck with your painting venture and would love to see the results when done.
1 Cal; NAPA and Plasticoat make automotive trim paints in a flat black that have incredible staying power. Martin Senior, I believe is the private label supplier for the NAPA rattle-can paint, and their quality is superior in my opinion. Good luck on your project! Tony Brown RN mgbbrown
Surface prep.
Surface prep.
Surface prep.

Glen mentioned Ceracoat he had done flaking off. Probably a prep issue. I've used GunKote, same thing, different brand, on a couple razors and lots of gun parts. The only flaking I had was a Fatip razor I didn't get a good sandblast on, knew it at the time, but went ahead and coated it anyway. (That led me to get a professional blast cabinet and gun.)

No matter what you use if the prep is bad the end product will fail.
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